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Bin collection problems

What do I do if my bin has not been collected? 
Our household bin collection service normally operates from 7am Monday to Saturday except on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. We try to empty all bins put out for collection on your usual collection day.

We empty bins until 5pm so please do not report a missed collection before 5pm on your collection day.
If there has been a service disruption such as vehicle breakdown or severe weather, we do our best to catch up on the same day or the next day. 
If your bin has not been emptied after two working days, please return it back to your property and wait for your next scheduled collection day.
It is very unusual for a bin to be missed on two consecutive occasions. If this should happen, please let us know by completing the 'Report a missed bin' form in the Top tasks section.
Why has my bin been tagged?
If the bin crew has left a tag on your bin, it means that the bin cannot be collected as it contains something that shouldn't be there or it's too heavy. The tag will tell you what you need to do before your next collection day, e.g. remove heavy or non-recyclable materials (see Related Pages for help on what to put in your bins).
If you are part of our new bin collection service, please do not place rubbish at the side of your bin as we will tag it and leave this rubbish for the next collection day.
Is putting your bins out a problem for you?
If there is no one else able to help you with your bins, please complete and submit the form in the documents area to see if we can help.