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Leeds Citizens' Panel

Help make Leeds a better place to live by sharing your views and experiences. Leeds City Council wants to hear from you.

The council runs the Leeds Citizens’ Panel to find out what people in Leeds think and need. It is one of the ways the council listens to people’s views. There are thousands already taking part but we need more to make the panel better represent people like you. Will you join them?

If you become a panellist, you will be invited several times a year to take part in activities such as:

  • Telling us what you think about services the council provides and issues affecting where you live. For example: filling in a survey on the quality of waste collection, or coming along to a discussion group on cultural events in Leeds.
  • Taking part in research to help the council do things better. For example: sharing your thoughts on draft designs for posters that the council is thinking about using to raise public awareness of domestic violence.
  • Helping to spread important messages about what is happening in Leeds with your friends and neighbours. For example: sharing a leaflet with your sports club about a major consultation like the council's budget or plans for new housing.

You must live in the Leeds area and be aged 18 or above to join the panel.

Find out more by reading the frequently asked questions further down this page.

You can apply to join by getting in touch using the following link:

Recent newsletters and promotional materials are available under the Documents section of this page.​​​​

Click to expandWhat is involved if I join the Citizens’ Panel?

You’ll be invited to take part in around 5 to 10 surveys each year which you fill in online or through the post. You will also be invited to attend discussion groups in person to talk about things in more detail.​​

Click to expandWhat's in it for me?

You’ll have the chance to have your views heard by local decision-makers. You will find out about new plans and ideas for Leeds and help represent your local community. You’ll be helping Leeds to become the best city in the UK.​

Click to expandWill my responses to surveys and other activities be kept confidential?

Yes. We will treat all your information confidentially in line with the Data Protection Act. When results are shared publicly or with other organisations your responses are anonymised so that they cannot be linked to you.​​

Click to expandWill you give me feedback?

It is not possible to reply to every comment individually because we receive thousands of responses. However, we will contact you regularly to let you know the results of different surveys and activities.​​

Click to expandHow do you choose which people can join the panel?

We want to make sure the panel has a balance of people of different ages, backgrounds, and from different parts of Leeds. If we have too many people from the same types of background applying then they will be put on a waiting list.​​

Click to expandIs the panel the only way the council listens to the views of people living in Leeds?

No. There are many other ways that the council listens but having thousands of committed panellists that can be called upon at any time is very useful to the council. We also listen through our customer service centres, elected councillors, planning process, work with community groups, and much more.​​

Click to expandWhy can't people younger than 18 years old join the panel?

There are some difficulties with making sure that young people have permission from their parents to take part in the panel. There are also some legal restrictions on how we use personal information when someone is under 18. However, the council listens to young people in other ways through our work in schools, Breeze, Youth Council, Voice and Influence Team, Child Friendly Advisors, and local councillors.​​​

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