Who is already involved

Child friendly Leeds is a platform for everyone who wants to make Leeds better for children and young people.

There are people from all walks of life doing great things and many of these stories can be read on our blog site.​​​


Here are a sample of comments from our ambassadors about their work and involvement on making Leeds a child friendly city. 

Child friendly Leeds is such a simple concept and so easy to support. Who wouldn’t want to support the notion of Leeds being a fabulous place to grow up, full of fun, friendliness, support, learning and opportunity. We want to support a strong future for the city: the way to do this is to make sure we invest in supporting the children in Leeds.

HEART (Higher Education Access Rewarding Transforming)

Young people are the city’s future and they deserve our support to ensure they have the very best opportunities. There are few things more rewarding than seeing a young person develop, reach their potential and contribute to their communities.

Central Yorkshire Scouts

It’s a ‘win-win’. The children of Leeds benefit from the involvement of local businesses whilst the businesses get a chance to give something back. Staff feel fulfilled, have a greater sense of engagement in the workplace and a stronger commitment to their employer.

Arena Group Ltd


We're already working with a number of local and national organisations. Click on an organisation's logo to view their website.​​