City plans

​Leeds City Council is responsible for the development and delivery of plans for the city working with its partners, business and local people.

Our key plans are:

Vision for Leeds 2011 to 2030 - this is the Leeds Sustainable Community Strategy which sets out the long term ambition and aspirations for the city. It was developed by the Leeds Initiative in conjunction with all local partners, including the public, private and third sectors. The overarching vision for 2030 is that Leeds will be the best city in the UK. This means:

- Leeds will be fair, open and welcoming.
- Leeds’ economy will be prosperous and sustainable.
- All Leeds’ communities will be successful.

City Priority Plan 2011 to 2015 - this is the city-wide partnership plan which identifies the key outcomes and priorities to be delivered by the council and its partners over the next four years.  The plan is a small set of outcomes and priorities which are the most important areas for the city to make progress by 2015 - they are our "must do's". Each strategic partnerships owns the relevant priorities in the plan and they are responsible for working together to deliver them.

The Council’s contribution to these city wide priorities is set out in the Council Business Plan.

We monitor and publish our progress in the delivery of the City Priority Plan which is found on the Performance information page in Related Pages. For more factual information about the city, which we have used to set our priorities, refer to About Leeds in Related Pages.​



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