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The purpose of the Communities Board is to provide strong and effective leadership, support effective partnership work, and take action to deliver the aspirations of the Vision for Leeds.  In particular, its key objectives are to join up activities to maximise outcomes, and to create a culture where partnership work in the interests of local people is built into the way all agencies, sectors and organisations act.

The Communities Board:
• leads the delivery of these themes in the Vision for Leeds and the city priority plan;
• develops, delivers and reports on an action plan to deliver the objectives in the city priority plan;
• provides a framework within which partners may agree to commission services together, with pooled or aligned budgets;
• acts as an advocate for the contribution, which these themes make to public policy and partnership working in the city, and support the culture and practice of partnership working;
• develops and sponsors new activities, which support the aspirations of the Vision for Leeds in these areas;
• tackles underperformance against the priorities and targets;
• identifies opportunities for greater efficiency, effectiveness and economy of delivery through a common approach and innovative solutions to areas of policy, planning, performance management, consultation, reporting and communication, resource allocation and delivery of services in the city and takes action as appropriate;
• evaluates the impact of interventions, captures learning and disseminates good practice across partners; and
• influences local, regional and national government policy initiatives linked to these themes.​​



Joint Stronger and SSCB 24 05 2013 Stronger and SSCB meeting 2013 05 24 - Papers.pdf1044459pdf
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