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Sustainable Economy and Culture Partnership Board

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The purpose of the Sustainable Economy and Culture Board is to provide strong and effective leadership and to support effective partnership work on the issues of sustainable economy, culture, transport and environment. Its key objectives are to join up activities between partners to maximise outcomes and to create a culture where partnership work in the interests of local people is built into the way all agencies, sectors and organisations act.

Strategic leadership

The Board will be a critical friend to the Council and will co-ordinate partnership action to achieve priorities in the long term strategy for the city on issues of sustainable economy, culture, transport and environment.


The Sustainable Economy & Culture Partnership Board is not a separate legal entity. Each partner retains its own functions and responsibilities. The Board provides a focus for the agreement of shared action and constructive challenge.


The chair will be from the private sector.

Executive accountability will be with the director of city development.

Servicing will be the responsibility of city development directorate.


The Sustainable Economy and Culture Board will:

  • champion and sponsor new activities which support the aspirations of the Vision for Leeds’ ambition to be the Best City in the UK by 2030;
  • identify opportunities for greater efficiency, effectiveness and economy of delivery through a common approach and innovative solutions to areas of policy, planning, consultation, communication and delivery of joint services in the city and take action as appropriate;
  • evaluate the impact of interventions, capture learning and disseminate good practice across the partners;
  • influence local, regional and national government policy initiatives linked to these themes.


This group is one of five strategic partnership boards established by Leeds City Council. It has links to a wider network of partnerships, some of which it may commission to deliver areas of its agenda. It will seek to link the agendas of different groups working on:

  • enterprise and innovation
  • skills and employment
  • climate change
  • culture and sport and attractions

Others are networks or groups whose interests it will reflect, for example:

  • Construction Yorkshire
  • Leeds Chamber of Commerce
  • Leeds Civic Trust
  • Leeds Housing Trust
  • Leeds Property Forum
  • Leeds 2023 ECC Bid
  • Leeds Living Lab Initiative
  • Leeds Millennials
  • Sport Leeds
  • Two Per Cent Club
  • Visit Leeds

Equality and community engagement

The board will have due regard to equality in all its activities, and will take steps to demonstrate it has consulted with communities appropriately.


1. Chair – private sector
2. Representative private sector (x 3 min)
3. Representative sector third sector Leeds
4. Representative sector culture/sport
5. Representative sector tourism/attraction (vacancy)
6. Representative sector environment partners
7. LCC democratic executive member for development and economy Leeds City Council
8. LCC democratic executive member for digital and creative technologies, culture and skills
9. LCC senior officer, director City Development
10. Key public sector body University of Leeds
11. Key public sector body Leeds Beckett University
12. Key public sector body Leeds City College
13. Key public sector body WYCA
14. Representative membership body Leeds Civic Trust

Officers in attendance

Officers from Leeds City Council and from the partners will be invited to host and attend the board meetings at the discretion of the chair. Their role will include advising the board, preparing agendas, minutes, reports and briefings for the board, and following up actions arising from discussions and decisions made by the board.


The Scrutiny Chair for the Sustainable Economy & Culture Board and democratic opposition party representatives are informed of papers and included in invitation mailings.

Meetings are not open to the public but papers, agendas and action points recorded will be published on the Council website promptly.

Member List

Nigel Foster, (Chair) Business (Fore Consulting)
Chris Hearld, Business (KPMG)
Adam Beaumont, Business (AQL)
Andrew Latchmore, Business (Leeds Property Forum)
Allison Page, Business (DLA Piper)
Nick Ramshaw, Business, (Thompson Design)
Nevil Muncaster, Business (Yorkshire Water)
Prof David Hogg, Higher Education (University of Leeds)
Andrew Raby, Higher Education (Leeds Beckett University)
Colin Booth, Further Education (Leeds City College)
Jenny Brierley, Third Sector Leeds (Leeds Housing Forum)
Simon Bowens, Third Sector Leeds (Friends of the Earth)
Rob Wolfe, Third Sector Leeds (Construction Yorkshire)
Stewart Ross, Culture (Sport Leeds)
Dr Kevin Grady, Culture (Leeds Civic Trust)
John Henkel, Acting Director of Transport, WYCA
Cllr Richard Lewis, Executive Member for Regeneration, Transport and Planning
Cllr Judith Blake, Leader of the Council
Martin Farrington, Leeds City Council Director of City Development.
Simon Neville, (Business) Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust​




Agenda SEC BOARD 02 Nov 2015 SEC BOARD 02 Nov 2015.pdf128067pdf
Agenda SEC BOARD 06 July 2015 SEC BOARD 06 July 2015.pdf143965pdf
Item 3 Minutes - 6th July 2015 3 Minutes - 6th July 2015.pdf245610pdf
Item 5 Air Quality in the City Exec Board Report 5 Air Quality in the City Exec Board Report.pdf321103pdf
Item 5 Appendix 1 Emissions Strategy one page overview 5 Appendix 1 Emissions Strategy one page overview.pdf560194pdf
Microsoft Word - Agenda SEC BOARD 08 December.doc board december 2014.pdf275971pdf
SECC board visitor economy 2015 board visitor economy 2015.pptx5862291pptx
Sustainable Economy and Culture - Air Quality presentation 2nd November 2015 Economy and Culture - Air Quality presentation 2nd November 2015.pptx4785263pptx
SEC board papers May 2015 Economy and Culture Partnership Board 11 May 2015.pdf472200pdf
SEC board papers February 2015 economy board meeting feb 2015.pdf404560pdf
TOR Sustainable Economy Culture Board Dec 2015 Sustainable Economy Culture Board TOR Dec 2015.pdf94914pdf

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