Travel Plans - Adopted supplementary planning document

The Travel Plans SPD sets out the requirements for travel plans and identifies when they are required in support of a planning application in Leeds.  It is also intended for use by existing firms or organisations who wish to draw up a travel plan to facilitate more efficient and sustainable working practices.
A travel plan is typically a package of practical measures aimed at addressing the transport needs of a specific development or organisation.  The main objective is to provide incentives and or disincentives for users of a development to reduce the need to travel by non sustainable modes such as alone by car to and from a site.
The SPD covers:
• background, objectives and benefits of travel plans
• the national, regional and local policy context
• when a travel plan is required
• travel plan types
• producing a travel plan
• contents of a travel plan
• toolkit of travel plan measures
• approval, securing, monitoring and review
• further information including websites, contacts and model s106 agreement
The Council has a dedicated TravelWise team which looks at using ‘Smarter Choices’ interventions to provide low cost, high value for money solutions to assisting changes in travel behaviours. 
Any queries relating to this SPD or travel planning can be directed towards this team.
The Travel Plans SPD was updated to reflect national and local planning policy changes and adopted by the Council in February 2015.
The version available to download is a temporary text only version – a full desktop version is in the process of being produced and will be uploaded shortly.



Adopted Travel Plan SPD Travel Plan SPD Jan 2015.pdf502409pdf
SPD Adoption Statement – Template Plan SPD Adoption Statement.pdf30525pdf

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