Street design guide - supplementary planning document

The Leeds City Council Street Design Guide is an adopted Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) designed to aid in the creation of excellent new places for people to live and work.  The Guide supplements the adopted UDP Review (2006) and emerging Core Strategy and is intended to complement a sister document called ‘Neighbourhoods for Living’.

The Guide aims to reflect the approach to design as set out in Manual for Streets (2007) and Manual for Streets 2 (Sept 2010).  These documents emphasise the overall importance given to placemaking and encourage the design of streets based on their function, rather than purely the level of traffic.  The guide encourages the designer to be innovative and allows flexibility in the design of streets to serve the community.

All designers of residential and mixed use schemes in Leeds (whatever the size), should refer to the Street Design Guide for advice on the general approach / ethos and details of layout, construction and highway adoption.

This document was approved as an SPD by our Executive Board on 26 August 2009  and is available as a download from the Documents section.



Street Design Guide Adopted Street Design Guide Final.pdf4530583pdf
Microsoft Word - Street design guide final Appendices 2 psd.doc Street Design Guide Appendices A to F.pdf3614629pdf
Appendix G Appendix G Distribution roads and strategic routes plan.pdf2705168pdf
untitled Standard Construction details and drawings Dec 2011.pdf6314989pdf

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