Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA)

A new SHMA is needed in 2017 to support preparation of the Core Strategy Review. It will replace the current SHMA published in 2011.

The Draft SHMA of 29th September was prepared by specialist consultancy Arc4.  It provides evidence to help the City Council determine how many new dwellings are required in Leeds during the period 2017 – 2033.  Further background material on demographic and economic trends is provided by Edge Analytics.  The Draft SHMA also advises on the amount of affordable housing needed in Leeds and the different types and sizes of dwellings needed, including for particular groups of the population, including elderly people.  A further supporting report provides specific advice on the Private Rented Sector.

Preparation of the SHMA 2017 has relied upon evidence from a household survey which took place during May 2017.
Survey forms were mailed out to 28,000 households and a response rate of almost 15% was achieved.

The Draft SHMA of 29th September is still awaiting finalisation of area summaries.  These will provide an overview of housing trends,
statistics and needs for each of the 11 Housing Market Characteristic Areas in Leeds.


Previous SHMAs

The City Council commissioned SHMAs which were published in 2007 and 2011. Relevant documents are available from the documents section below.


National Planning Practice Guidance

Housing White Paper



Leeds SHMA 2017 Leeds 2017 SHMA Final Report 29 Sep 2017 (V2).pdf4484326pdf
Private Rented Market in Leeds 2017 reviewLeedsJuly2017v2.pdf2116190pdf
Edge Analytics - Leeds SHMA 2017 Analytics - Leeds SHMA - Final Report (24.08.17).pdf3756006pdf
Previous publications of Leeds SHMA publications of Leeds SHMA.pdf35839pdf
SHMA 2017 - Specification 2017 - Specification.pdf1290839pdf

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