Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA)

Preparation of a Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) is a requirement of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF). SHLAA is a technical study to inform planning policy development and implementation. It is not the purpose of the SHLAA to allocate land for development; this is undertaken through the preparation of a Local Plan. SHLAA also sets out whether there is a deliverable supply of housing land for five year’s worth of housing, known as the five year housing land supply.

The recent SHLAA has been prepared with involvement of agents, landowners and promoters of sites to comment
upon the availability and achievability of each site as part of a positive approach to update the SHLAA.

Suggestions for New Sites
Any person can make a suggestion for a new SHLAA site, not just landowners and their agents. A guidance note and submission form can be downloaded the documents section below, to help make site suggestions. A suggestion can be made at any time of year, but the site will not be added to the published SHLAA until the annual update takes place to the next 1st April base date.

SHLAA and Neighbourhood Planning
The SHLAA provides a source of information about potential housing land for those engaged in Neighbourhood Planning to draw upon for their local neighbourhood plans.  However, if neighbourhood forums or Parish Councils consider that other pieces of land would be appropriate for housing development, such land can still be suggested and included through one of the SHLAA annual updates.



SHLAA 2017 Main Report and Methodology - SHLAA 2017 Main Report and Methodology.pdf123807pdf
SHLAA 2017 Sites by HMCA - SHLAA sites by HMCA.pdf111967pdf
SHLAA 2017 HMCA Site Summary - SHLAA HMCA site summary.pdf216786pdf
SHLAA 2017 Site Proformas - SHLAA site proformas.pdf3942965pdf
Five Year Housing Land Supply Statement - Five Year Housing Land Supply Statement.pdf69313pdf
SHLAA 2017 Update-Sites Overview Grid 2017 Update Web Grid Overview Inc Links.pdf2822655pdf
SHLAA 2017 - Site Plans 2017 - Site Plans.pdf77258pdf
Site Submission Form SHLAA site submission form v2.doc163840doc
Leeds LDF SHLAA Call for Sites Guide.pdf26346pdf
SHLAA 2012 Update Update 2012 composite-Web.pdf24046pdf
SHLAA Update 2015-Site Plans Update 2015-Site Plans.pdf69331pdf
SHLAA 2014 Update 2014 composite-Web.pdf41811pdf

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