Site Allocations Plan Revised Submission Draft

Leeds City Council submitted a Revised Submission Draft Site Allocations Plan (“the Revised Plan”) to the Secretary of State for Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government on 23 March 2018 as part of the ongoing independent examination.

The Revised Plan includes revised policies relating to housing allocations, broad locations, safeguarded land, phasing and associated explanatory text, all of which were subject to consultation (Revised Plan consultation) between 15th January 2018 and 26th February 2018. In addition it includes further changes in response to representations received during the Revised Plan consultation.

Examination in Public

The Plan was submitted to the Secretary of State on 5th May 2017 and is now at formal examination. Stage 1 hearing sessions on Retail, Employment, Green Space and sites for Gypsies and Travellers and Travelling Show People took place in October 2017.

The Inspectors agreed to postpone stage 2 hearings on housing, mixed use sites and all other matters not covered at stage 1 to allow the Council to carry out work to respond to a likely lower future housing requirement (as indicated in the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government consultation ‘Planning for the Right Homes in the Right Places’). The Stage 2 hearings are likely to resume in July 2018.

What happens next

All comments received on the Revised Plan consultation have been submitted to an independent inspector for consideration in preparation for stage 2 hearing session.

The Inspectors will issue Revised Matters and Issues for the Council (and others) to respond to, a Revised Guidance Note and Agenda for the Stage 2 hearings.

The Programme Officer’s Examination website and the Council’s Site-Allocations Plan Examination page where further information including relevant documents can be found.

The core documents and evidence base below is a library of relevant documents in preparing the Local Plan.

Core documents list

View the Core documents list (PDF 112KB)

Evidence base list

View the Evidence base list (PDF 118KB)

The document list will be updated throughout the examination process and remain online as the plan progresses through examination.​​

As the Examination progress the Inspector may identify Main Modifications as necessary to make the Plan sound, they will be subject to consultation.

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