Site Allocations Plan Representations

Whilst not a legal requirement to publish this information online, in response to numerous requests from community groups, local residents and stakeholders including members, the Council has committed to make the representations available. 

Below you will find representations from Publication Draft consultation up to Pre-Submission advertisement of the Plan making process. 
Publication Draft Plan
The publication draft consultation undertaken between 22 September 2015 till 16 November 2015 follows the early Issues and Options consultation in July 2013.
Over 9700 submissions amounting to over 45,000 individual representations have been received during the Publication Draft Consultation.  At this stage of plan-making the local authority presented what is considered to be a “sound” planning document for the Leeds District. 
Your responses are available to view grouped into 4 separate indexes as follows:
Revised Publication Draft Plan Outer North East Housing Market Characteristic Area
The revised publication draft consultation undertaken between 26th September till 7th November 2016 follows the earlier Publication Draft consultation in September 2015.
Over 3736 submissions amounting to over 4073 individual representations have been received during the revised Publication Draft Outer North East Consultation.
Index 1​

​Representations on sites that are allocated or identified, for Outer North East Housing Market Characteristic Areas (HMCA)

6. Outer North East

Index 2​
Representations on sites that are not allocated
Index 3
​​Representations on general matters and supporting documents
Index 4
Representations suggesting new sites​

Pre-Submission Changes​

As a result of the public consultations undertaken in September 2015 and September 2016, the Council proposed a number of specific changes to the Plan.

The Pre-Submission Changes to the Site Allocations Plan were advertised for a 6 week period between 13th February and 27th March 2017 (5pm).
In total 9,097 individual representations were made during the consultation period.



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