Site Allocations Plan Pre-Submission Changes

The Site Allocations Plan

The Site Allocations Plan (SAP) identifies sites for housing, employment, retail and greenspace to ensure that enough land is available in appropriate locations to meet the growth targets set out in the Core Strategy.

This includes, as appropriate, any onsite requirements developers will be expected to provide, for example greenspace and local infrastructure (roads, schools, and flood storage). It also sets out which sites will come forward at what stage (phasing). The plan is a key document for Leeds. It identifies specific allocations for housing, employment, retail and greenspace from 2012 to 2028.

Pre-Submission Changes

Consultation on the Publication Draft Plan took place from 22nd September to 16th November 2015 and on the Revised Publication Draft Plan proposals for the Outer North East from 26th September to 7th November 2016. As a result of the public consultations undertaken in 2015 and 2016, the Council is now proposing a number of specific changes to the Plan.

These are called Pre-Submission Changes, and are intended to address matters of soundness (raised through public consultation) in advance of the submission of the Plan to the Secretary of State for Independent Examination.

The Pre-Submission Changes to the Site Allocations Plan were advertised for a 6 week period between 13th February and 27th March 2017 (5pm).

At this final stage, comments were sought only to the Pre-Submission Changes (PDF 20MB) of the Plan.

A version of the Site Allocations Plan incorporating the pre-submission changes is available along with other background documents at the bottom of the page.

What happens next?

After the 27th March the Plan will be submitted for Examination, and all representations made on the Pre-Submission Changes listed, will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate, together with all previous representations made at the earlier consultation stages. It is currently anticipated that the Site Allocations Plan will be submitted for examination at the end of April 2017.

Following this, the Secretary of State will appoint a Planning Inspector, who will be responsible for the Examination process, including setting an overall timetable, which will include Hearing dates for the examination in public. This information will be made available once the City Council has been notified.​



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