Site Allocations Plan – Issues and Options Documents

Site details for Housing (by area) and Employment are in alphabetical order within the relevant document.  Select the document and when it opens, use Edit, Find to locate the site you are interested in. 

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Background - Inner Area GreenspaceBackground - Inner Area Greenspace INNER GS BACKGROUND PAPER 23-04-13.pdf404329pdf
Background - Aireborough GreenspaceBackground - Aireborough Greenspace AIREBOROUGH GS BACKGROUND PAPER 23-04-13.pdf174968pdf
Background - City Centre GreenspaceBackground - City Centre Greenspace CITY CENTRE GS BACKGROUND PAPER 23-04-13.pdf65455pdf
Background - East GreenspaceBackground - East Greenspace EAST GS BACKGROUN PAPER East 13.03.13.pdf269294pdf
Background - North Area GreenspaceBackground - North Area Greenspace NORTH GS BACKGROUND PAPER 22-04-13.pdf331807pdf
Background - Outer North East GreenspaceBackground - Outer North East Greenspace ONE GS BACKGROUND PAPER 23-04-13.pdf168608pdf
Background - Outer North West GreenspaceBackground - Outer North West Greenspace ONW GS BACKGROUND PAPER 23-04-13.pdf174095pdf
Background - Outer South East GreenspaceBackground - Outer South East Greenspace OSE GS BACKGROUND PAPER 23-04-13.pdf145049pdf
Background - Outer South GreenspaceBackground - Outer South Greenspace OS GS BACKGROUND PAPER 23-04-13.pdf186583pdf
Background - Outer South West GreenspaceBackground - Outer South West Greenspace OSW GS BACKGROUND PAPER 23-04-13.pdf283411pdf

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