Regularisation Certificates

Application forms with fee information are available from the Documents section of this page.  Please note our fees for all applications have increased from 1st April 2016 and details are on the fee schedule document.

It is not uncommon for building work to be carried out without Building Regulation approval which can cause problems when the property is being sold.

The Regularisation procedure allows the Local Authority to consider building work which has been carried out without the submission and approval of plans and the statutory site inspections being made.

This procedure does not replace the enforcement powers available to the Local Authority and does not provide a “short cut” for those who have failed to follow the correct procedures for obtaining consent.

An application for a ‘Regularisation Certificate’ can only be made where:

• No application was made at the time and the work required Building Regulation approval.
• The work commenced after 11th November 1985.
• The work is complete.

How to apply

You will need to fill out a Regularisation Certificate application form from the Documents of this page.  The relevant charges are set out on the back of the form along with details of how to pay. 



Fee Schedules from 1st April 2016 schedules.pdf86857pdf
LABC National Advertising Campaign application form.pdf1705693pdf
Building Control 3 - Regularisation Certificates revised Sept 2013.pdf20213pdf

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