Regional Spatial Strategy

The Yorkshire and Humber Plan is the current Regional Spatial Strategy for the Yorkshire and Humber Region. It was issued in May 2008 (current RSS).  The current Regional Spatial Strategy includes a broad development strategy for the region, setting out regional priorities in terms of location and scale of development, including:

 Economic development
 Housing
 Transport and communications
 The environment (including water, minerals and waste, energy generation and use)
 Tourism and leisure
 Urban and rural regeneration

There is a two-way relationship between the Regional Spatial Strategy  and other regional strategies such as the Regional Economic Strategy.

The Government has announced its intention to abolish all Regional Spatial Strategies.  Until such time the RSS provides the regional context.  The Leeds City Region partnership has therefore developed its own ‘Interim Strategy Statement’ to provide a strategic context for plan making and major development proposals.  This reflects the context of the wider work of the Leeds City Region, the uncertainty over RSS, and the duty to cooperate with neighbouring authorities as set out in the Localism Act (November 2011).  




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