Plans Panels

Plans Panels deal with the larger, more complex or controversial applications or ones which have a wider significance to local communities.

There are three plans panels covering the city – North and East Plans Panel,  South and West Plans Panel and City Plans Panel.  Plans Panels are usually held every 3-4 weeks.  Panel dates, agendas and minutes are available by clicking on the links above.  They are also available on Public Access

Each application will have a written report summarising all the planning issues including any comments received.  The officer will either recommend that the application is approved with conditions or refused with reason(s) for refusal.   Reports are available on the website five days before the meeting and minutes within five days of the meeting which approved them.

Panel meetings take place at the Civic Hall in Leeds and are open to the public.  We will let you know the first time if the application you have commented on is going to be dealt with by the panel so you can attend. You can monitor progress on the application using Public Access  There is the opportunity to speak at the meeting for :

- objectors to an application that is recommended for approval - with a right to reply for the applicant or supporters

- the applicant (agent) or supporters of an application recommended for refusal - with a right to reply for objectors.

Each side can speak for up to 4 minutes.  If more than one person wishes to speak for either side,  a spokesperson should be nominated.    The deadline for notifying us that you wish to speak is 5pm on the Tuesday before the meeting. The Protocol for Public Speaking is available from the Documents part of the page.

Where a pre application presentation is being made to the Plans Panel, there is an opportunity for a ward member or their nominated community representative to speak as part of the presentation to panel.  The protocol for pre applications at plans panel meetings can be found in the documents section of this page.

To find out about the decision you will need to monitor Public Access see the Related pages




Third Party Recording Protocol Third Party Recording Protocol GPC 140304.pdf42448pdf
Customer information sheet customer seating info sheet ALL PANELS Feb 2016 for web.pdf88999pdf
Public speaking at panel protocol 5 h Protocol for Public Speaking at Plans Panel Issue 1 - 19th May 2016.pdf71982pdf
Pre-application presentations at panel pre-app pres at panel 2016.pdf150832pdf

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