Planning process

Full details are also available in the leaflet available in the Documents section of this page.

If you need planning permission you must submit your application and pay a fee where required.  We will contact you if it is not complete.  Once valid we will acknowledge your application.  This will tell you who is dealing with your application and when you can expect a decision, usually within 8 weeks.  

All applications are publicised and there is a minimum of 21 days allowed for comment.  You can view comments including those from specialist consultees and track the progress of your application on Public Access

The case officer will visit the site, consider planning policies, guidance and any comments made.  They may negotiate changes to the application to deal with any issues raised or to improve it.  About 85% of applications are approved by a senior officer.  Larger, more complex or controversial applications may be decided by a panel of Councillors.
We will send out the Decision Notice on the day the decision is made by email wherever possible and put it on Public Access.  This will set out the reasons for approval with any conditions with which you have to comply or reason(s) for refusal.

If you feel that your application has been unreasonably refused or had conditions attached, you can either:

  • Amend and re-submit within 12 months of the decision without paying a further fee.
  • Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate within 12 weeks for householder applications or some minor commerical applictions or 6 months for all others from the date of the decision.

New Prior Approval processes have been introduced for some changes of use and larger single storey rear extensions on houses.  Details of these can be found on the Permitted Development and Planning for Householders Related Pages.   You can also make very minor changes to your development without the need to make another planning application using the Non Material Amendments application form.  For more major changes you will have to make a new application.

To discharge any conditions which appear on your notice, use the discharging conditions form.  We aim to give a decision within 8 weeks.



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