Planning policy

Along with the adopted Unitary Development Plan, the emerging Local Development Framework, and regional and national planning policy advice, planning policy is also contained in a number of different documents, briefs and schemes. 

Planning statements, frameworks and strategies are all different types of documents which provide direction for planning purposes. The weight that is attached to these documents (i.e. how important or influential a document might be when it comes to making a decision), is dependent on what formal role these documents play (if any) in either the Unitary Development Plan or the Local Development Framework. These documents tend to relate to specific spatial areas which require additional guidance and support for development. However, specific topics might also be addressed.

Leeds South Bank
The South Bank Planning Statement was adopted in October 2011 and aims to provide clarity for developers interested in developing in the south east of the city centre and explains our aspirations for promoting the City Park - see the Documents section of this page.

Sovereign Street
The Sovereign Street Planning Statement was adopted in July 2011 and sets out the council's aspirations for new high quality buildings and greenspace on this site - see the Documents section of this page.

Lower Kirkgate
The Lower Kirkgate Planning Statement identifies basic objectives for the sensitive regeneration and restoration of this area and was adopted as informal planning guidance in December 2011 - see the Documents section of this page.

Planning Policy is also about ensuring spatial accuracy through Street Naming and Numbering and the Land and Property Gazetteer.



Internal Memo SEA Screening South Bank.pdf52393pdf
Sovereign Street Statement Sovereign Street planning statement ADOPTED 2011 web version.pdf7084930pdf
Internal Memo SEA Screening Sovereign St.pdf54944pdf
Internal Memo SEA Screening Lower Kirkgate.pdf57344pdf
Lower Kirkgate Statement Lower Kirkgate Planning Statement ADOPTED.pdf4544669pdf
South Bank Statement Bank planning statement ADOPTED web LR.pdf4055857pdf

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