Planning Decisions

Finding out about Planning Decisions
You can find out about a planning decision you are interested in by searching our Public Access system using the application number if you have previously commented on it or by the address.  If you have registered on Public Access and are tracking the application, you will automatically be notified by email.  You can also use Public Access to find out about recent planning decisions in the last month or week.

The decision
Most applications are decided by senior officers and about 85% of these applications are approved.  Larger, more complex or controversial applications may be decided by a panel of Councillors.

We will send out the Decision Notice on the day the decision is made by email, wherever possible, and put it on Public Access together with the officer report.  The decision notice will set out any conditions you will need to comply with if the application is approved or give reasons if the application is refused.

If you feel that your application has been unreasonably refused or had conditions attached, you can either:

  • Amend and re-submit within 12 months of the decision without paying a further fee.
  • Appeal to the Planning Inspectorate within 12 weeks for householder applications or 6 months for others from the date of the decision.  Details of how to do this will be on your decision notice.  Please note there is no right of appeal for third parties, those who have commented on the application.

You can make very minor changes to your development without the need to make another planning application using the Non Material Amendments application form.  For more major changes you will have to make a new application.

To discharge any conditions you need to comply with as part of your planning decision, which appear on your decision notice, use the discharging conditions form and send it to us with the fee.  We aim to give a decision within 8 weeks.



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