Planning Constraints

There are a many issues to be taken into account when applying for planning permission.   See Related Pages for more information.

Permitted development
Some types of development do not need planning permission.  This is called 'permitted development'.  The rules can change so you should check what the latest position is before you begin to build.

Conservation areas
These are areas of special character or appearance.  Consent is required for most demolition and some alterations in Conservation Areas.  

Contaminated land
On sites with previous industrial uses or waste sites there may be the potential for the site to be contaminated.  Reports need to be submitted to support planning applications.  The 'blue' and 'yellow' leaflets provide further information about what is required.

Flood risk
You can find out about whether your property is in a flood risk zone from the Environment Agency.  Refer to our validation criteria for what you need to submit with your planning application.  

Green belt
Permission for developing on green belt land is not allowed except in exceptional circumstances.  Refer to the Policies Map Related Page to see where these are.

Listed buildings
There are over 3,300 Listed Buildings in Leeds and most proposals for altering or demolishing them will need listed building consent.

Planning policies
Planning policy is used as a basis for making decisions on planning applications.

Tree Preservation orders
Important trees are protected by Tree Preservation Orders and  consent is needed before any work is carried out.



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