Neighbourhood Planning

The Localism Act 2011 introduces statutory Neighbourhood Planning in England.

It enables communities to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan for their area and is intended to give communities more of a say in the development of their local area.

These plans will be used to decide the future of the places where people live and work giving opportunities to:

  • influence where new homes, shops and offices are built
  • have a say on what new buildings should look like
  • grant planning permission for the new buildings you want

Neighbourhood Plan Progress

All areas currently designated are shown on the Neighbourhood Plan Designation Map (PDF 857KB)

The December 2017 Leeds Neighbourhood Planning newsletter (PDF 528KB) is available to view.

Made Neighbourhood Plans

The following neighbourhood plans have been made by the Council and form part of the statutory development plan for each respective neighbourhood area:

Current consultations

Headingley and Hyde Park
Aberford and District

Headingley and Hyde Park

Leeds City Council has received applications from Headingley Neighbourhood Forum and Hyde Park Neighbourhood Forum for the re-designation of both neighbourhood areas to transfer of a section of Woodhouse Moor, known as ‘Little Moor’ from the Headingley Neighbourhood Area to the Hyde Park Neighbourhood Area. The decision to apply to designate revised neighbourhood areas has been jointly agreed by both neighbourhood forums.

The City Council must publicise the application and seek comments from those who live, work or carry out business in the Headingley and Hyde Park Neighbourhood Areas in compliance with Regulation 6 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012. The consultation runs from Monday 16th July and Monday 3rd September 2018 (closing at 5pm).

Available documents:

Paper copies can also be inspected at the following locations:

  • The City Centre Hub, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 8LX (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri 8.30 – 17.00, Weds 9.30 - 17.00)
  • Cardigan Centre 145-149 Cardigan Rd, Leeds LS6 1LJ (During opening hours)
  • All Hallows Church 24 Regent Terrace, Leeds LS6 1NP (During opening hours)
  • Headingley Library, North Lane, Leeds, LS6 3HG (Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat 9.30 - 17.30, Tues, Thurs 9.00 – 19.00, Sun 11.00 – 15.00)
  • Hyde Park Book Club, 27-29 Headingley Lane, Leeds LS6 1BL (during opening hours)

How to make representations

If you would like to make a representation to this consultation, then please send your representation to or in writing to:

Neighbourhood Planning
Policy and Plans Group
Planning Services
Merrion House
110 Merrion Centre
Leeds, LS2 8BB

We encourage those responding to use the response form (WORD 58KB), which is available online and at the locations above, although this is not essential.

Responses must be received by 5pm on Monday 3rd September 2018.

Aberford and District

Aberford and District Parish Council has submitted the Aberford and District Neighbourhood Plan for independent examination. The consultation has now closed and the Plan is being examined by Ann Skippers. The examiner has requested that representations submitted to the consultation are published on our website.

View the representations:



Adopted Core Strategy, Core StrategyAdopted Core Strategy<div class="ExternalClass41966612C2CB4561852C1214ABDCE8D0"><p>​The Core Strategy sets out the vision in planning terms for Leeds until 2028.  All other planning documents, including neighbourhood plans, sit underneath the Core Strategy and must conform to its vision. </p> <p>The Core Strategy was adopted by the City Council on 12th November 2014.  </p></div>
How can you get involved?How can you get involved?<div class="ExternalClass4CF05EE6821F44F7B05B0E1514F56B88"><p>The details of all neighbourhood plans across Leeds are available on our website.  </p> <p>If you wish to become involved with an existing group you can either contact them directly, or contact the council using the Contact us form and we will pass your details on. </p></div>
How many neighbourhood plans are there in Leeds?How many neighbourhood plans are there in Leeds?<div class="ExternalClassB024501909CE4BC1A06BB63AB8BEB55D"><p>​Leeds has some of the highest levels of neighbourhood planning activity in any city across the country. So far 35 neighbourhood areas have been designated (22 parished and 13 non-parished). A map showing the full extent of designations can be found on the neighbourhood plan designation map.<br></p></div>
In depth guide to neighbourhood planningIn depth guide to neighbourhood planning<div class="ExternalClass0639696ED75349378DE09C6E9EF71EB5">​For a more in depth guide to neighbourhood planning, please see our advice note available in the Documents section. <span id="ms-rterangepaste-start"></span>We will be happy to talk you through the neighbourhood planning process. You can email us by using the Contact us form.<span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span></div>
What is a Neighbourhood Forum?What is a Neighbourhood Forum?<div class="ExternalClass3A746882D6F34AA9A105DD60353E8D3F">​A neighbourhood forum is the body that will prepare a neighbourhood plan in non-parished areas. The Forum must be made up of a minimum of 21 people who live, work or do business in the neighbourhood area. </div>
What is a Neighbourhood Area?What is a Neighbourhood Area?<div class="ExternalClassDE757314A1AA4C0E9C8FD3E194EDADC1"><p>​A Neighbourhood Area is the area that will be covered by the neighbourhood plan. See guidance notes on this page for advice on designation and agreement of an appropriate boundary.</p></div>
Which areas have been designated?Which areas have been designated?<div class="ExternalClass02FD2AA59CA949A29A88C280863EDE6F"><p>​The following neighbourhood areas have already been designated:</p> <div>1.Aberford & District<br>2.Adel<br>3.Aireborough<br>4.Alwoodley<br>5.Bardsey cum Rigton<br>6.Barwick in Elmet and Scholes<br>7.Beeston<br>8.Boston Spa<br>9.Bramham cum Oglethorpe<br>10.Carlton<br>11.Clifford<br>12.Colllingham<br>13.East Keswick<br>14.Garforth<br>15.Harewood<br>16.Headingley<br>17.Holbeck<br>18.Horsforth<br>19.Hyde Park<br>20.Kippax<br>21.Kirkstall<br>22.Linton<br>23.Little Woodhouse<br>24.Otley<br>25.Oulton& Woodlesford<br>26.Pool-in-Wharfdale<br>27.Rawdon<br>28.Rothwell<br>29.Seacroft<br>30.Scarcroft<br>31.Shadwell<br>32.Thorner<br>33.Thorp Arch<br>34.Walton<br>35.Wetherby</div> <span id="ms-rterangepaste-end"></span></div>
Who can prepare a neighbourhood plan?Who can prepare a neighbourhood plan?<div class="ExternalClassB7302779992C414B8D556B9A2B5BC21C"><p>​In parished areas, only the parish or town council can lead on preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. In non-parish areas, a Neighbourhood Forum must be designated by the Council.</p></div>



Neighbourhood Area and Forum Application Neighbourhood Area and Forum Application Form.docx89824docx
Neighbourhood Area Application Neighbourhood Area Application Form.docx76702docx
Leeds Neighbourhood Planning Guidance Neighbourhood Planning Guidance.pdf1836026pdf
Advice for non-parished areas Planning Advice for non-parished areas.pdf1441095pdf
Alwoodley examiners report NDP Report of Independent Examination.pdf761082pdf
Alwoodley Neighbourhood Development plan Neighbourhood Development Final 19 01 2018.pdf3045653pdf
alwoodley Decision Statement Reg 18 Decision Statement.pdf509819pdf
Draft Collingham Neighbourhood Plan Collingham Neighbourhood Plan.pdf6867778pdf
Kippax NP - SEA and HRA screening report NP - SEA and HRA screening report.pdf3455339pdf
Horsforth NP - SEA +HRA screening report NP - SEA +HRA screening report.pdf5708040pdf
Neighbourhood planning Newsletter Dec 2017 planning Newsletter Dec 2017.pdf537078pdf
Linton neighbourhood area LR.pdf2261286pdf
Otley NP - SEA HRA Screening Report NP - SEA HRA Screening Report.pdf5693977pdf
Reg 19 Decision Statement - Collingham Neighbourhood Development Plan 19 Decision Statement - Collingham Neighbourhood Development Plan.pdf312554pdf
Reg 19 Decision Statement - Holbeck 19 Decision Statement - Holbeck.pdf113999pdf
Linton Decision Statement 19 Decision Statement - Linton.pdf311648pdf
Decision Statement - Thorp Arch 19 Decision Statement - Thorp Arch.pdf311306pdf
Thorp Arch Examiners Report Arch Examiners Report.PDF901399pdf
Thorp Arch neighbourhood development plan ARCH NEIGHBOURHOOD DEVELOPMENT PLAN 2017-2028.pdf8684119pdf
Wetherby NP - SEA +HRA screening full report NP - SEA +HRA screening full report.pdf3754510pdf
Walton Site Assessment Document Site Assessment Document.pdf2598807pdf
Walton Basic Conditions Statement Basic Conditions Statement.pdf440832pdf
Walton Consultation Statement Consultation Statement.pdf502004pdf
Walton Neighbourhood Plan Appendices Neighbourhood Plan Appendices.pdf1965680pdf
Walton Neighbourhood Plan Evidence List Neighbourhood Plan Evidence List.pdf195105pdf
Walton Neighbourhood Plan Proposal Neighbourhood Plan Proposal.pdf4048953pdf
Walton Neighbourhood Plan Screening Report Neighbourhood Plan SEA-HRA Screening Report.pdf3513435pdf
Walton NP Examiners Questions NP Examiners Questions.pdf136067pdf
Walton Public Notice Public Notice.pdf292519pdf
Walton Neighbourhood Reg Consultation Reg 16 Index.pdf20989pdf
Walton Response Form Response Form.doc76800doc
Bramham joint response document to examiner's matters joint response document to examiner's matters.pdf52015pdf
Bramham Parish Council comments on representations Parish Council comments on representations.pdf42149pdf
Walton Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement.pdf162350pdf
Aberford NP - Council repsonse to examiner's notes NP - Council repsonse to examiner's notes.pdf89360pdf
WNP Examiners Questions - Joint Response Examiners Questions - Joint Response.pdf83264pdf
Walton NP Leeds Examiners Report final NP Leeds Examiners Report final.pdf427478pdf
Bramham Reg 16 Representations Reg 16 Representations.pdf1248813pdf
Examiners Questions 10-07-2018 Questions 10-07-2018.pdf41114pdf
Aberford NP - Examination Procedure Note NP - Examination Procedure Note.pdf72153pdf

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