Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document - publication draft

The Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document is part of the Local Development Framework (LDF).  The plan sets out where land is needed to enable us to manage resources, like minerals, energy, waste and water, over the next 15 years and identifies specific actions which will help us use our natural resources in a more efficient way.

Previous consultations

The Issues and Options consultation was undertaken between May - June 2008. The comments received at this early stage were used to inform and help focus the Policy Position stage (and related material) which underwent formal consultation in January – March 2010.

Based on the Policy Position consultation, the draft publication document was produced along with related material. This was the final stage of public consultation prior to the formal submission for independent examination. An inspector examined the DPD against three tests of soundness which required it to be:
 Justified
 Effective
 Consistent with national policy.

More information about soundness can be found in the guidance from the Planning Inspectorate entitled Local Development Frameworks, Development Plan Documents: Soundness Guidance, available from

A number of consultation documents and supporting material was made available and can be found via the document area on the left of this page. Please click on 'documents' heading for the menu to expand.



Main Document Main Doc Publication Draft LR.pdf4323222pdf
Appendix - Publication Draft Appendix nov 2010.pdf1877491pdf
Appen figure1-minerals & waste Appendix figure 1 minerals and waste.pdf6841566pdf
Appen figure3a air quality nox Appendix figure3a air quality nox - UK Air Quality.pdf4490739pdf
Appen figure3b air quality no2 Appendix figure3b air quality no2 - UK Air Quality.pdf4505268pdf
Appen figure3c air qualitypm10 Appendix figure3c air quality pm10 - UK Air Quality.pdf4534581pdf
Fig 2 Flood risk map 2 flood risk wm.pdf4460069pdf
SA report Part A sustainability appraisal report Part A.pdf3865329pdf
SA report Part B sustainability appraisal report Part B.pdf6331385pdf
SA report Part C sustainability appraisal report Part C.pdf3466097pdf
Appropriate Assessment Letter appropriate assessment and letter from natural england.pdf245607pdf
Consultion Rpt Policy Position consultation report Policy Position may 2010).pdf3981825pdf
Statement of the Reptations statement of the representations Reg27.pdf32913pdf
UDP Policies to be deleted Schedule udp policies to be deleted.pdf54051pdf
Muncipal waste site reqments muncipal waste site requirements report 2009.pdf565067pdf
Background waste research Background waste research 2008.pdf3970014pdf
Site selection study 2007 site selection study 2007.pdf1084157pdf
Site selection update 2009 site selection study update 2009.pdf2256112pdf
Site identification List 2009 site identification schedule 2009.pdf565406pdf
LTP freight rail & waterway local transport plan transporting freight by rail and inland waterways in west yorkshire dec 2008.pdf6498770pdf
App figure4 environment Appendix figure4 environment.pdf4353715pdf
App figure6 windspeed Appendix figure6 windspeed.pdf4485633pdf
App figure7 landscape Appendix figure7 landscape.pdf4530949pdf
Response form Response form.pdf202897pdf
mapbook - Contents page Contents page-mapbook.pdf36657pdf
Mapbook List of Sites List of Sites-mapbook.pdf56162pdf
Mapbook Part 1 Maps a1-xb4-Mapbook Part 1.pdf3447067pdf
Mapbook Part 2 Maps a1-xb4-Mapbook Part 2.pdf5319586pdf
Mapbook - Maps C1 Maps c1-Mapbook.pdf4834837pdf
Mapbook - Maps C2 - C5 Maps c2 - c5-mapbook.pdf5432352pdf
e-Mapbook Part 1 Maps xc2 - map e Mapbook Part 1.pdf2645825pdf
e-Mapbook Part 2 Maps xc2 - map e Mapbook Part 2.pdf5361940pdf
Energy topic paper Energy topic paper.pdf557043pdf
Waste Topic paper Waste Topic paper.pdf816113pdf
Minerals Topic paper Minerals Topic paper.pdf306629pdf
SA Summary sustainability appraisal summary.pdf382819pdf

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