Natural Resources and Waste DPD - policy position (LDF)

The Natural Resources and Waste Development Plan Document is part of the Local Development Framework. The plan sets out where land is needed to enable us to manage resources, like minerals, energy, waste and water over the next 15 years, and identifies specific actions which will help us use our natural resources in a more efficient way.

The Issues and Options consultation was undertaken in May 2008.  Based on the comments received, the Policy Position Report was developed.  Consultation was held on this report and the consultation closed 1 March 2010.

After all the responses were received and analysed, a Submission Draft was developed.  All documents are available on the Natural Resources and Waste policy position documents related page.



Landfill operation Mapbook C4 Landfill operational- Mapbook.pdf1808092pdf
Sites un-safeguarded Mapbook D Sites not safeguarded - Mapbook.pdf4452076pdf
Site identification schedule Site identification schedule.pdf565349pdf
Background waste research Background waste research.pdf3970014pdf
Municipal waste site req 2009 Municipal waste site requirements 2009.pdf572253pdf
site selection study 2007 site selection study 2007.pdf2225167pdf
site selection study update 09 site selection study update 2009.pdf2268206pdf
Appendix 4a Nox UK Air Quality Appendix figure4a Nox - UK Air Quality.pdf4994109pdf
Appendix 4b No2 UK Air Quality Appendix figure4b No2 - UK Air Quality.pdf4988924pdf
Appdix 4c PM10 UK Air Quality Appendix figure4c PM10 - UK Air Quality.pdf4991699pdf
Appendix 5 Environment Appendix figure5 Environment.pdf6592859pdf
B05850WA_Figure6 P.pdf Appendix figure6 Cultural heritage.pdf4958381pdf
Appendix 7 Landscape Appendix figure7 Landscape.pdf5617848pdf
Appendix 9 Wind speeds Appendix figure9 Wind speeds.pdf4087169pdf
untitled Contents Page - Mapbook.pdf10916pdf
List of Sites - Mapbook List of Sites - Mapbook.xls54272xls
Full page fax print B4 Mineral safeguarding - Mapbook.pdf1839957pdf
Microsoft Word - Policy Position Report Master 21.12.09.docx Main Report policy Position LR.pdf1444937pdf
Summary Doc Policy Position Summary Document Policy Position.pdf2994111pdf
Production Process Flyer Production Process flyer.pdf255107pdf
Microsoft Word - NRW Exhibition Programme.doc Exhibition Drop In Sessions.pdf41724pdf
untitled Resposne Form Reference Only.pdf25119pdf
Microsoft PowerPoint - Intro and DC chart 13 June 2008.ppt Appendix figure1 drainage standards.pdf68483pdf
Appendix 2 Minerals and Waste Appendix figure2 Minerails and Waste.pdf6000848pdf
Appendix 3 Water resources Appendix figure3 Water resources.pdf5448213pdf
Appendix 4 Air quality Appendix figure4 Air quality.pdf6381812pdf
Microsoft Word - LEEDS Consultation Report _FINAL 18.03.09_.doc Issues and options consultation report final.pdf4094210pdf
Microsoft Word - SA Initial Appraisal Rev 4 28.04.08.doc Issues and options sustainability appraisal.pdf7146806pdf

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