Mabgate Development Framework

Mabgate has been the focus of considerable change in recent years and the area is currently in a state of transition. Traditionally an employment area based around the woollen industry, it retained a manufacturing dominance until the 1990s.

The growth of development in the city centre has resulted in the influence of the city centre spreading to the Mabgate area. The Council wants to ensure that the uniqueness of the Mabgate area is retained by encouraging positive development which can enhance the area and develop linkages to adjacent areas.




Mabgate Framework Mabgate Framework.pdf1725103pdf
Plan 1 Location Plan 1 - Location.pdf818934pdf
Plan 2 Wider Area Plan 2 Mabgate wider area.pdf1365212pdf
Plan 3 Conservation Plan 3 mabgate conservation(1).pdf1055969pdf
Plan 4 Views and Heights Plan 4 mabgate views and heights.pdf1173171pdf

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