Leeds Retail Policy

Along with the City Centre, Leeds has a network of town and local centres which have become established as a consequence of historical growth.  These centres act as the heart of communities and provide an important retail function.  However retail is not just confined to these areas, and local parades, stand alone units and out of centre shopping centres also provide a retail function.

A number of studies and policies have been prepared to ensure that future retail growth is supported and accommodated.  This page provides access to these policies and studies through the Related pages at the bottom of the page.

Leeds City Centre, Town and Local Centres Study - this has been prepared for Leeds City Council by Colliers International as part of the evidence base for the Council’s Local Development Framework.

City Centre Area Action Plan - Documents relating to the now withdrawn City Centre Area Action Plan

EASEL and Aire Valley Town and Local Centre Assessment - completed May 2009, advises on a strategy for the future development and network of town and local centres and neighbourhood parades.

Holt Park District Centre - Regeneration Consultation - Consultation on the regeneration opportunities for Holt Park District Centre following the relocation of Ralph Thoresby High School to a new site.

Leeds UDP (Review 2006) town centre inset maps

Town centre strategies and action plans - The promotion and protection of town centres is a key element of City Council policy and reflects government advice contained in Planning Policy Guidance (PPG) 6, Town Centres and Retail Developments




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