Leeds Employment Land Review

The purpose of the study is to review the demand for and supply of employment land and premises across the Leeds district. It provides the justification for the amount of land that will be proposed for employment use in the Leeds Local Development Framework (LDF).

The 2006 Review
The 2006 review was commissioned by Leeds City Council and prepared by ARUP consultancy. It assessed the likely demand for office, industrial and warehousing space in Leeds and compared this with potential supply, taking account issues of quality, location and choice. Employment Land Review 2006 (PDF 184kb)

The 2010 Update 
The 2010 document is a partial review of the earlier study reflecting changed circumstances, in particular to national planning policy, the economic downturn and revisions to economic and employment growth forecasts. Employment Land Review 2010 (PDF 8.5MB)

The 2017 Update

This assessment focusses on the supply of office and general employment sites.  Assessing all sites of Leeds’ portfolio of employment land it scores their development potential against criteria of suitability, availability and achievability in line with National Planning Practice Guidance. It supports the submission of the Site Allocation Plan.  It does not examine demand for employment land. Employment Land Assessment 2017 (PDF 38MB)

The study has been undertaken in line with the national guidance on preparing Employment Land Reviews. The study forms part of the evidence base for the Local Development Framework (LDF) and will be used to form the basis for allocating land for employment development in Leeds LDF.



Microsoft Word - Leeds ELR Final Report 20.3.06 corrected.dochttps://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/2006 Review Employment Land Review.pdf187589pdf
Management Areas Map 12https://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/012 Management Areas Map 12.pdf1366536pdf

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