Landscape Character Assessment (Landscapes of Leeds)

Landscape Planning and Development team is responsible for managing the landscape character assessment of Leeds.

Definition of landscape character assessment
Landscape Character Assessment (LCA) is a standard system for identifying, describing, classifying and mapping the landscape. It helps explain what makes landscapes different from each other.

It involves identification of features or combinations of elements that contribute to the character of the landscape. The assessment provides a clear understanding of the issues affecting the landscape, enabling the development of appropriate recommendations for its future conservation and management.

Landscape Character Assessment can make a valuable contribution to the formation of planning policies such as allocation of land for development.

Copies of the Landscape Character Assessment documents can be found in the Documents section on this page.​



Landscape Types Landscape types.pdf3065387pdf
Full page fax print combined Appendix a-b.pdf7152746pdf
ACKOWLEDGEMENTS Parts 1-3 reduced.pdf5416580pdf
Appendix C and D combined Appendix c-d.pdf4720287pdf
Full page photo print combined tables and figures.pdf7110272pdf

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