Kirkstall Road Planning Framework

The planning framework promotes the regeneration of the Kirkstall Road area and sets out key principles and options for the redevelopment of land and buildings.  It has been prepared in response to landowners interest in redeveloping their particular landholding.

Major landowners have been seeking guidance from the Council as to the nature and scope of future development in the area.  It was initially envisaged that the framework would be adopted as Supplementary Planning Guidance.  However, changes to the planning system and the regulations concerning preparation of similar documents has meant this is no longer possible.

In January 2004, the Council held a design workshop with a range of stakeholders.  The participants: landowners, developers, consultants, architects / urban designers, community representatives and officers from several council departments, expressed a surprising degree of agreement about the strategic importance of this area and how it might be redeveloped.

The resulting draft planning framework reflected the outcomes of the urban design workshop and the further internal consultations.  This draft was then available for a further 12 week consultation period.  The final version was approved by Planning Board on 18th January 2007 and is available from the documents section.​​​​​​​



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