White Rose Energy

​For You, Not Profit

White Rose Energy is a new energy supplier that has been set up by Leeds City Council in partnership with Robin Hood Energy to provide residents from across the region with a fairer alternative for their gas and electricity. White Rose Energy will provide the following to its customers:

Consistently competitive prices regardless of tariff type

As part of our contract with them, Robin Hood energy, our partner supplier are committed to ensuring that all White Rose Energy tariffs remain competitive all year round, by comparing them with the rest of the energy market at regular intervals.

Transparent tariff structures with no unwelcome surprises

White Rose Energy will not lure customers in by providing unsustainable loss-leaders and fixed term offers, then raising prices unreasonably when the offer ends. Our aim is to have consistent, competitive pricing that people can trust.

A fairer deal for low energy users and pre-payment customers who have traditionally been poorly served by the established energy suppliers

Customers joining with pre-payment meters will receive the following benefits:

  • Although White Rose Energy’s pay-as-you-go tariff is slightly higher than its standard variable tariff, this is only enough to cover the increased administrative cost of running such tariffs. White Rose Energy will not exploit pre-payment customers for profit.

  • Traditional pre-payment meters will be replaced by smart pay-as-you-go meters which will enable residents to better monitor their energy use through a portable digital display.

  • Pay-as-you-go customers will have a wide choice of ways to top up, including online, by phone and by text, as well as all the traditional ways, such as PayPoint.

  • Whilst we recognise that some people prefer pay-as-you-go as a way of budgeting for their energy, we believe that wherever possible, residents should be able to choose how they pay their bill. Where a pay-as-you-go customer wishes to switch to credit mode, White Rose Energy will use the customer’s payment history with themselves to decide whether this is possible, rather than relying on outside credit agencies.

  • White Rose Energy’s smart pay-as-you-go meters can be switched to credit mode remotely, free of charge. Many traditional suppliers will charge to replace a traditional pre-payment meter.

White Rose Energy is available to all residents across the region, regardless of whether you own or rent your home.

The following tarriff types are available:

  • Standard Variable
  • Fixed Rate
  • Smart Pay-As-You-Go

To switch to White Rose Energy, visit www.whiteroseenergy.co.uk or telephone 0800 0223553. ​​​​​​​​





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