Finding and commenting on new applications

You can view and comment on new planning applications using Public Access.  You can find out more about the information contained in Public Access from the Related Page.  A user manual is available from the Documents part of the page which explains how to make the most of the system.  This includes how to register and comment, save a search so you can use it again and tracking applications so you are notified of progress and the decision by email. You will need to register on the system before you can use any of these facilities so that we have a valid email address.
You can also find out about new planning applications from site notices which are posted close to the site of an application.  Neighbours may also be notified by letter about a nearby application.  Lists of new planning applications are often featured in local newspapers. 

All new applications are open public inspection and comment and a minimum of 21 days is allowed for this.  All comments will be on Public Access.  Please refer to the Commenting on applications page on the Related Pages for information on what to include in your comments and what happens to them.



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