Design Neighbourhood and Village Design Statements

General Information about design statements

Village design statements (VDS) and Neighbourhood Design Statements (NDS) are promoted by Natural England, the Countryside Agency and others, produced by local communities and supported by Leeds City Council, as a means of fostering good design, appropriate to its local context. They may also be applied to parish plans and in neighbourhoods within the city’s urban boundary.
The six key aims of a village or neighbourhood design statement are:
• Enabling communities to analyse and define the value of their local environment
• Acting as a tool for assessing the local character of an area
• Assisting the City Council in steering future development to respond to and respect   that character
• Guiding smaller changes ("permitted development")
• Prompting the scope for local environmental improvements and support community initiatives
• Becoming adopted and used by the Council as a material consideration in planning matters
A range of skills are needed in their preparation, including leadership, public consultation, report writing, visual analysis, photography, plan drawing / sketching, editing and desk top publishing. 
Detailed advice and existing Village and Neighbourhood Design Statements adopted in Leeds, together with supporting documents are available on the Design Neighbourhood Design Statements docs page on the Related Pages.



V I L L A G E / N E I G H B O U R H O O D D E S I G N S T A T E M E N T S Statements - their purpose and content.pdf98044pdf

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