The Building Act 1984 enables local authorities to control demolition works for the protection of public safety and to ensure adjoining premises and the site are made good on completion of the demolition.  

Where demolition of a building is needed, the owner must inform the council by submitting a Section 80 notice.

Building Control Services will visit the site and issue a notice of conditions to ensure that precautions are in place to safeguard the public.  Usually, if the building to be demolished has a volume of less than 1750 cubic feet (49.56 cubic metres), then permission is not required.  Greenhouses, conservatories, prefabricated garages and sheds do not require permission to be demolished.

Planning issues
Prior approval under Planning is required before any demolition work takes place, unless the demolition is covered by another application ie a planning, listed building or conservation area application. Forms are available from the Documents section. 

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