Leeds Core Strategy Selective Review

Leeds City Council is undertaking a selective review of the Core Strategy.

The Leeds Core Strategy sets out the strategic town planning policy framework for the district to 2028. Since the adoption of the Leeds Core Strategy in November 2014; it has become apparent that a number of policy areas are in need of review to respond to new circumstances, evidence and/or the general effectiveness of policies.

The Core Strategy Selective Review seeks to address this. As the Core Strategy was recently adopted in November 2014, only limited selective alterations to the Plan are considered necessary. The selective review will result in a series of focused amendments to the adopted Core Strategy. The scope of the Review was consulted on in 2017.

The Council proposes to review the following parts of the Core Strategy:

  • Reviewing the housing requirement in Policy SP6, housing distribution in SP7, and extending the Plan period to 2033
  • Introducing new policy on housing standards with minimum space standards, and accessibility standards for new housing in policies H9 and H10
  • Updating policy and requirement on affordable housing by amending Policy H5
  • Reviewing the requirement for greenspace in new housing developments by amending Policy G4
  • City Centre Green Space, making minor amendments to Policies G5 and G6
  • Incorporating new national policy regarding Code for Sustainable Homes by updating the wording of Policies EN1 and EN2 and a consequential change to EN4
  • Introducing a new Policy for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EN8)

Period of Consultation

This consultation is running for a period of 6 weeks from the 9th February 2018 until 5pm on 23rd March 2018.

What can you comment on?

The consultation relates only to the Core Strategy Selective Review and therefore only comments relating to the Review will be considered. The policies which are being reviewed are available to view online (PDF 1.7MB).

Your comments should set out why you do or do not believe the Core Strategy Selective Review is appropriate / sound. In addition all background/evidence documents are set out in the documents section below.

Comments relating to the following matters will be considered if received on or before 23rd March 2018 (5pm).

  • Amended Policy SP6 (housing requirement)
  • Amended Policy SP7 (housing distribution)
  • Amended Policies EN1 and EN2 (new national policy regarding Code for Sustainable Homes) and a consequential change to EN4
  • New Policy EN8 (electric vehicle charging infrastructure)
  • Amended Policy G4 (greenspace)
  • Amended Policy G5 and G6 (city centre greenspace)
  • Amended Policy H5 (affordable housing)
  • New Policy H9 (Housing Standards for Minimum Space Standards)
  • New Policy H10 (accessibility standards for new housing)
  • Extending the Plan Period to 2033

Drop-in sessions

As part of the consultation there will also be an opportunity to attend drop-in sessions:

General / Community drop-in session

Thursday 1 March 2018, 2pm - 7pm
The East Room
Civic Hall
Calverley St
Leeds, LS1 1UR

Developers, consultants and community session

Thursday 15 March 2018, 2pm - 7pm
The West Room
Civic Hall
Calverley St
Leeds, LS1 1UR

Submitting your comments

If you would like to submit comments please do so by filling in the response form (PDF 0.3MB). There is also a guidance note (PDF 0.2MB) to assist with this. You can comment by filling in the response form in the following ways:


By post

Leeds Core Strategy Selective Review
Leeds City Council
Planning services - Policy and Plans Group
9 Floor East, Merrion House
110 Merrion Centre

What happens next?

If you would like to comment then please use the response form and send it to us. All representations received during the consultation period will be considered by the Council. In addition, they will be sent to the Planning Inspectorate, as part of the examination of the Plan by a Government appointed Planning Inspector.

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