Contaminated Land - Inspection Strategy

Leeds has been home to a wide range of industries and they all have the potential to cause contamination.

What is Contaminated Land?
A legal definition of Contaminated Land was introduced in Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. In simple terms, Contaminated Land is land that poses a significant risk to people, underground waters, surface waters, ecological systems and property because of substances contained within it.

Local authorities are required by law to inspect their areas to identify Contaminated Land. If Contaminated Land is found, the council must take steps to control the risks caused by the contamination.  Essentially, the legislation is aimed at finding land which is so contaminated that it needs to be cleaned up in the interest of the public and the wider environment.

What is Leeds City Council doing about Contaminated Land in Leeds?
In January 2013, in response to new government guidance, Leeds City Council published an updated inspection strategy setting out how land shall be investigated in Leeds.  

All of the relevant documents can be downloaded free from this page



Inspection strategy for Leeds strategy for Leeds.pdf3310664pdf

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