Contaminated Land – Environmental Searches

Information we can provide

We are able to provide the following information free of charge and within 10 working days of receipt of your e-mail:

  • The contaminated land status of a property or land in relation to Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990*
  • Presence or absence of closed landfill sites within 250 metres of the search area

*Information relating to our Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy and the Part 2A Public Register are publically available from the Contaminated land page.

Planning Searches

In the instance that the planning department does not hold records, we are also able to provide confirmation of whether the Contaminated Land Team hold planning records. (Please note that the Contaminated Land team does not hold records from before 2000, and that in the first instance you will be referred to the Development Enquiry Centre, DEC – This information can be provided within 10 working days of our receipt of your or the planning departments email to us confirming that the planning department does not hold relevant records. Should Contaminated Land Team records be available, they can be viewed free of charge at the Leonardo Building by appointment, or on Public Access.

Where you can obtain other environmental information


Where you can obtain this information from:

Leeds City Council Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy, Part 2A Public Register

Historical Mapping

Local family and history services, Leeds Central Library, 2nd Floor.

Your local (Leeds area) library may also hold historical records, please check prior to attending. Contact details for libraries are here:

OR from a commercial website, many of which offer a free preview function – e.g. perform an internet search for ‘historical maps’ or ‘old maps’.

Planning History

Please email Development Enquiry Centre,  or search Public Access (

Operational landfill sites

Please refer to the Environment Agency map: for authorised landfill sites and, or to search the Environment Agency public register:

Radon Affected Area?

See the Public Health England website:

UK maps of Radon available here:

Do local properties have radon protection measures?

We do not record this information.

Mineral Consultation and Safeguarding Areas

Please use the map key and the relevant map to determine whether the site falls within these areas:

Notices relating to Minerals and Wastes.

Email the planning department at who will direct your enquiry to the relevant parties.

Hazardous Substance Consent

Please search for any entries in the Register kept pursuant to s.28 of the Planning (Hazardous Substances) Act 1990:

NAMOS Sites (including former NIHHS Sites) Register

Please contact West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service - telephone 0113 3875721 and e-mail

Fuel storage (Petroleum Licensing)

Information on nuisance (noise/dust odour etc.). Permitted activities (e.g. Part B processes).

Private water supplies.

Please contact Environmental Protection at or 0113 3951156


Please refer to the Environment Agency map: for flooding maps for planning

OR regarding flood defence or land drainage consent email

Pollution incidents

Please refer to the Environment Agency map: for pollution incidents

Subsidence/ground stability

Email your request to for records they may hold relating to subsidence.

For issues relating to coal mining the Coal Authority provide public services:

The BGS and several other private firms offer reports on ground stability for a fee.


Coal Authority interactive map:

Coal Authority maps of coal fields for local areas:

Whether you need a Report:

Local Land Searches (Con 29)





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