Community Infrastructure Levy Adoption

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) was adopted by Full Council on 12th November 2014, and the charges were implemented across Leeds from the 6th April 2015.  The associated CIL policies were approved by Executive Board on the 17th September 2014.  Please note that any relevant planning applications which have not been granted before 6th April 2015 will be liable to pay the CIL. 

Find out more about which developments are liable to pay the CIL.

The Adopted Charging Schedule (April 2015) can be downloaded from the related documents section of this page, along with the Residential Charging Zones Map, Examiner’s Report, Adopted Regulation 123 List, the Instalments Policy and the Exceptional Circumstances Policy.

CIL Preparation

Leeds City Council undertook various stages of formal consultation in preparing the CIL Charging Schedule:

  • Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule: 27th March to 15th May 2013
  • Draft Charging Schedule: 29th October to 10th December 2013
  • Draft Charging Schedule Submission Version (Incorporating Modifications):
    • 21st March to 17th April 2014

  • Examination hearing session: 3rd June 2014

The Examiner’s report did not recommend any substantive changes to the Draft Charging Schedule.

The CIL documents from these earlier stages can be accessed in the related documents section of this page, in the document ‘Links to Supporting Evidence and Previous Stages Prior to CIL Adoption.

Reference copies of the Adopted Charging Schedule (Nov 2014) will be placed in all libraries and one-stop centres..



Adopted Charging Schedule Adopted Charging Schedule April.pdf1986190pdf
Adopted Residential Zones Map Adopted Residential Zones OS Base.pdf671034pdf
Instalments Policy Instalments Policy.pdf51593pdf
Exceptional Circumstances Policy Exceptional Circumstances Policy.pdf45732pdf
Economic Viability Study (GVA, Jan 2013) Leeds CIL Economic Viability Study - Jan 2013.pdf2152095pdf
Supporting Documents Evidence Docs Prior to CIL Adoption.pdf42487pdf
CIL Calculator Calculator.xls781824xls
CIL Guidance Note Guidance Note.pdf212968pdf

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