Commenting on applications

General information

If you wish to make comments on an application - objections, support or general comment you can do so online on Public Access.  You can search using an application number, the postcode, part of the address, or a keyword in the development description to find the application you are interested in and view all associated documents online.

You will need to register before you comment so that we can check your email address to ensure we can contact you.

You can also write to us at:

Floor 9
Merrion House
110 Merrion Centre
Leeds, LS2 8BB

Please quote the application number and you must include your name and address.

You have 21 days to comment on planning applications, comments made after this may not be considered.  If you use Public Access your comment will be acknowledged.

Any comments you send to us will be displayed on the internet on Public Access within 5 working days.  We do not consider anonymous comments but you can print your name instead of signing your comments if you do not want your signature to be shown on the internet.

Important information about making comments

Objections or supporting comments on applications must be rational, impersonal and directed principally to the planning issues raised by the proposal. Comments of a personal, slanderous, libellous, defamatory, or otherwise offensive or abusive nature are not constructive or helpful to the process of determining a planning application and may result in an action for libel.

What should I comment on?

There are limits to the range of concerns that a planning authority is allowed to take into account when making decisions. Here are some of the things (valid planning matters) that will be considered that you may wish to comment on:

  • conservation of buildings and conservation of the natural environment
  • effect on trees and the landscape
  • design, appearance and layout
  • effect on the character of an area
  • noise, disturbance and odour
  • impact on highway safety and traffic
  • previous planning applications
  • National Planning Policy Framework, Development Plan Policies, Supplementary Planning Guidance and other planning policies
  • government guidance and legislation
  • effect on living conditions – for example the effect on sunlight and daylight, privacy of neighbours and being overlooked
  • effect on neighbouring properties
  • what the building or development will look like

What will not be considered?

This will vary with each application but the following are not usually valid planning matters and cannot be taken into account:

  • issues covered by other legislation, such as Licensing, Building Control, or Health and Safety
  • private property rights, such as boundary or access disputes
  • the developer’s morals, motivation, or activities elsewhere
  • perceived impact on property values
  • competition between businesses

What about the view from my property?

Although you do not have a right to a view over someone else’s land, if we think an application is unreasonable because of the effect on your outlook we will try to negotiate changes to help overcome this.

What happens to my comments?

Your comments will be passed to the planning case officer who will take into account all valid planning matters raised by public comments along with other issues including:

  • local and national planning policies
  • views of other council services, such as Highways
  • views of external bodies, such as The Environment Agency
  • comments received from local people

It is important to note that:

  • objecting to a planning application does not necessarily mean it will be refused
  • comments should only be made about ‘valid planning matters’
  • the number of comments received about an application is less important than the type of comments received
  • pre-printed form letters and petitions are sometimes given less weight than individual letters that comment on valid planning matters, they will be added to Public Access as a batch and you will not be notified of Plans Panel meetings or appeals

How can I find out what is happening to the application I've commented on?

You can register and use the track facility on Public Access to monitor progress of the application and be notified by e mail of any changes or updates including the decision.  A manual is available from the related documents section of this page to help you do this.

What if I am not happy with the decision?

There are no rights of appeal for third parties who are unhappy with a planning decision.

The officer’s report will set out the reason for a decision and how your comments were taken into account.  These are uploaded to Public Access on the day the decision is made.

Further information

Find out more about the planning process or Public Access using the Related Pages.

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