City centre public realm contributions draft Supplementary Planning Document - consultation

The City Centre Public Realm Contributions draft SPD set out the circumstances and basis for obtaining financial contributions for public realm improvements from developments that require planning consent.  Formal public consultation took place during the 6 weeks up to 14th March 2006.  This followed an earlier discussion document published in summer 2005. 

The Draft was not developed into a final adopted SPD.  With the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy, there is no reason to introduce an SPD in the future. 



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Microsoft Word - Jan 2006 Pre Production consultation process.doc Pre-production consultation statement.pdf73933pdf
Microsoft Word - Jan 2006 SA of SPD FINAL Version 1.2.doc Sustainability Appraisal.pdf375154pdf
Microsoft Word - Jan 2006 Statement of SPD Matters.doc Statement of SPD Matters.pdf134800pdf
LDFcovers A4 front.qxd Draft SPD.pdf479523pdf
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