Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan Publication Draft

What is the Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan?

The AVLAAP is a development plan document within the Leeds Local Development Framework (LDF) ‘local plan’ for Leeds. It will form part of the statutory development plan and sits alongside the Leeds Core Strategy, saved UDP Policies and other existing and proposed Development Plan Documents. These include the Leeds Site Allocations Plan (SAP) and Leeds Natural Resources and Waste Local Plan (NRWLP). It will become an essential component of decision making regarding future growth and development of Aire Valley Leeds.

The plan provides the future planning framework to guide the regeneration of one of the largest regeneration and growth opportunities in Leeds City Region (LCR).  Aire Valley Leeds is a major regeneration area covering 1,300 hectares of land to the south east of Leeds City Centre. It includes both banks of the River Aire running from the heart of Leeds City Centre to the M1 motorway.

With over 400 hectares of mostly brownfield land available for development, it has the potential to deliver up to 7,800 new homes and 255 hectares of employment land to create thousands of new job opportunities as well as new community facilities and leisure and visitor attractions.

The plan includes for a re-integrated southern half to Leeds City Centre, a new City Park for Leeds and the Leeds City Region Enterprise Zone (LCREZ).  Aire Valley Leeds will become a popular place to live, work and visit, supported by an effective transport network and within a green and attractive environment, bringing benefits to local people living in disadvantaged communities within and adjoining the area

Publication Draft Consultation Stage

The Aire Valley Leeds Area Action Plan Publication Draft was subject to formal public consultation for 8 weeks from 22 September until 16 November 2015. A series of drop in sessions were held during the consultation period. Information and documentation are available at One Stop Centres and Libraries in the district.

At  Publication Draft stage comments were sought on ‘soundness’ of the plan. The council produced a guidance note intended to help complete the response form, which briefly explains the test of soundness.

Test of Soundness as set out in National Planning Policy Framework

  • Have the plans been positively prepared? Does the plan seek to meet the local needs set out in the adopted Core Strategy for housing, employment, retail and green space?
  • Are the plans justified? Are the allocations, designations and policies the most appropriate compared with the alternatives?
  • Will the plans be effective? Is there information on how the plan will be delivered? Does the plan set out how and when sites will come forward?
  • Is the plan consistent with national policy? The plan should enable the delivery of sustainable development in accordance with the policies in the National Planning Policy Framework.

The Publication Draft stage consultation documents can be accessed from the related documents section.

The proposed sites, along with site details can viewed from Interactive map link:

View the interactive map of sites (External link)

Publication Draft Responses

What happens next?

Having considered the responses to the plan, the proposed modicfications to the Publication Draft AVLAAP and next steps are detailed in a report to Development Plan Panel on 10th May 2016. The Council are progressing the plan in advance of the Site Allocations Plan.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



Representations relating to Sites Proposed in the Plan relating to Sites Proposed in the Plan.pdf108756pdf
Representations relating to Policies and general comments relating to Policies and general comments.pdf175786pdf
Representations relating to new proposed sites relating to new proposed sites.pdf51878pdf

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