Affordable Housing Policy

Affordable Housing Policy is now set out in Policy H5 of the Core Strategy. Policy H5 requires affordable housing provision for 4 Zones as shown on Map 12 in the Core Strategy.  
Market Zones Map
The Map shows the 4 zones, for each of these affordable housing zones there is an affordable housing target and threshold.
Detailed map is provided in order to be able to print out or zoom in at a more detailed scale to identify a particular site or location - Market Zones Map
The policy requires affordable housing targets as set out in the table below, for developments at or above the dwelling thresholds for each zone.
            Zone      Target    Threshold
               1            35%          10
               2            15%          15
               3            5%            15
               4            5%            15
Affordability of affordable housing should be designed to meet the identified needs of
households as follows;

• 40% affordable housing for households on lower quartile earnings
• 60% affordable housing for households on lower decile earnings
The affordable units should be a pro-rata mix in terms of sizes and types of the total housing provision, unless there are specific needs which indicate otherwise, and they should be suitably integrated throughout a development site.​



Affordable Housing Benchmarks Delegated Approval Report Housing Benchmarks Delegated Approval Report.pdf506077pdf
Benchmark Figs AH Update 2012 Benchmark figures Affordable Housing Update 2012.pdf54387pdf
Leeds Affordable Housing Benchmark 2017-18 Affordable Housing Benchmarks 2017-18.pdf145796pdf

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