Additional guidance documents for making an application




APPENDIX BAPPENDIX B 94 Appendix B Transport Assessments.pdf50364pdf
Aff housing fin appraisalAff housing fin appraisal 62 Affordable Housing Financial Appraisal final 8-12-10.pdf27521pdf
Affordable housing guidanceAffordable housing guidance 60 Affordable Housing Customer DC Info Note revised 19-07-11.pdf27710pdf
Affordable housing proformaAffordable housing proforma 61 Affordable Housing proforma for developers revised 17 July 11.pdf36830pdf
Biodiversity requirementsBiodiversity requirements 64 Local Requirements Template Full Amended1.pdf86908pdf
Coal Mining Risk Assessment Reports andCoal Mining Risk Assessment Reports and recovery notes for applicant5.pdf21628pdf
Coal resources mapCoal resources map resource map.pdf7326395pdf
Coal risk assessment reportCoal risk assessment report 65 REQUIREMENTS OF A COAL MINING RISK ASSESSMENT REPORT.pdf21973pdf
Drainage calcs and drawingsDrainage calcs and drawings 71 Guidance on drainage calculations and drawings.pdf16441pdf
Dwelling houses and Houses in Multiple OccupationDwelling houses and Houses in Multiple Occupation 78 dwelling houses and houses in multiple occupation.pdf29394pdf

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