Risk and performance

To help us deliver our ambition for Leeds to be the best city and Leeds City Council to be the best council in the UK, it’s important that we consider the risks and uncertainties that could impact on our objectives and also monitor performance in delivering them.

Managing risk and performance helps the council to prioritise areas that need more attention and resources and also highlights where we’re doing well.

The two are closely linked: a risk that’s increasing often means that performance may worsen. The council therefore takes an integrated approach to managing risk and performance: using the right information at the right time to take a view of risk across the organisation and to consider the impact on corporate performance, feeding this into our Best Council Plan and other strategy-setting and decision-making.

Performance management

Our strategic objectives are set out in the Best Council Plan. Progress on the Plan as a whole is reported on a regular basis through the Best Council Plan Scorecard: a set of key performance indicators that we track and report on regularly. We update the scorecard each quarter which is available in the related documents section.

At the end of the year, we look back on our performance and consider what our key achievements have been. These are published through an annual report on the Best Council Plan page.

The Best Council Plan is supported by a range of other plans and strategies, each with their own detailed key performance indicators and performance management arrangements. Progress against these supporting plans is published throughout the year as part of Executive Board, Scrutiny Board and partnership board papers.

These performance reports form part of a wider set of information about Leeds which is available through The Leeds Observatory. The Observatory is a web-based tool that provides a focal point for information and data about communities and areas in Leeds.

Risk management

The council has risk management arrangements in place across the organisation which feed into a corporate risk register. The register houses the most significant, cross-cutting risks that could impact on the outcomes we aim to deliver as set out in the Best Council Plan. These risks can be internal or external facing:

  • Internal risks relate to the organisation itself and cover areas such as finance, staff and business continuity;
  • External risks are those that could affect the city – its people, communities, businesses and infrastructure – where the council has a role, often in partnership, to mitigate them

We update the corporate risk register each quarter and then publish the council’s corporate risk map – a diagram that shows the various risks and their ratings based on a combined assessment of their probability (how likely the risk is to occur) and potential impact.

We also produce a more detailed annual corporate risk report that provides assurance on how the council and its partners are managing the key corporate risks. The latest corporate risk map and the annual corporate risk assurance report are both available in the related documents section.



Annual corporate risk report - July 2018https://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Annual corporate risk report - July 2018.pdf746962pdf
Best Council Plan Scorecard October 2018https://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Best Council Plan Scorecard October 2018.pdf150633pdf
Corporate Risk Map October 2018https://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/Corporate Risk Map October 2018.pdf212968pdf

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