Our financial performance

At the end of each financial year, all councils have to publish a Statement of Accounts.

The accounts show how we have used public money in the year and that we have been honest and responsible.

Public Inspection of the Draft Accounts

After being approved by the Responsible Financial Officer as a true and fair view, draft accounts are placed "on deposit" in the Civic Hall and here online for thirty working days. This is so local electors can inspect them and ask questions about them or challenge them (see the  related documents section for Council accounts -a guide to your rights).

The deposit dates for the 2017/18 accounts were Friday 1 June to Thursday 12 July 2018.

Publication of the final audited accounts

Over the summer our external auditors conduct a full and detailed examination of the draft accounts, after which they issue their accounts audit letter and, if all is well, they also issue an audit certificate to confirm that the accounts give a true and fair view.  Once this is received, our Corporate Governance and Audit Committee approve the final audited accounts and the Council publishes them.

Our most recent audited accounts are the 2017/18 accounts which were authorised on 30 July 2018. The 2017/18 audit was formally concluded on 31 October 2018. In the related documents section on this page you will find copies of the 2017/18 final audited accounts, KPMG’s external audit report on them, and the council’s Annual Governance Statement for 2018.

A hard copy is also available to view and make copies of between 8:30am and 4pm on any working day at the Corporate Financial Management office of the Civic Hall, via the Information Desk at Portland Crescent Leeds LS1 1UR. Leeds voters are also entitled to ask for a copy of the accounts and the auditors report to be delivered to them. The council is allowed to make a reasonable charge to cover the cost of doing this.

What is available from earlier years?

As well as the most recent final audited accounts and their associated documents, you can find copies of the accounts, the annual governance statement and the external auditors' report for each year from 2012/13 onwards in the related documents section. Copies of the final accounts from earlier years are also available on request.


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