Preparing for emergencies

What can I do?
Advance preparation can help minimise the effects of a major emergency on you and your family.  There are a number of things you can do to prepare: (see the Documents section on this page)

  • Read our emergency planning information brochure.
  • Prepare a household emergency plan using our template 
  • Find out more about your local emergency services
  • Learn about your home -  how to turn off the power and water supplies. Involve your family or household, so they know too.
  • Store important documents safely, and take copies.

In addition, you could learn some basic first aid - visit the St Johns Ambulance website for more information.



FiresFires<div class="ExternalClass3E27BE5994084705B1B447D2D6F78486">​The most important things to do are to draw up and practice a fire evacuation plan for your home, so you and your family know what to do if there is a fire.  <br><ul style="font-size:0.75em;"><li>Make sure everyone knows how to call the Fire Brigade by dialling 999</li> <li>Consider alternative routes out of your house in case the fire blocks your normal exits</li> <li>What will you take with you as you escape from the building? Do you have a Emergency grab bag?</li> <li>Where will you all meet?</li> <li>Remember- there is very little time in a fire. There is very little visibility in a fire. There is very little air to breathe in a fire.</li> <li>So get out of the building as fast as you can</li></ul></div>
EvacuationsEvacuations<div class="ExternalClass03E26179F27540698BF88F19A29D8AE8"><p>​Evacuations can happen at any time, day or night and generally without notice. If you were required to leave your home, what would you do? </p> <p><br><strong>Watch our video</strong> <a href="">Evacuation – how would you cope?</a></p></div>
Roads and travelRoads and travel<div class="ExternalClass1AF3DFEF24334670A3825661E18E03DC">​Updates about weather conditions, potential icy roads and gritting operations are being posted weekdays during the winter period on the official Leeds <a href="">LCC press office Twitter feed</a>.<br>For real time traffic and travel updates for Leeds visit <a href="">Leeds Travel Info</a> or the <a href="">Leeds Travel Info Twitter feed</a>.</div>
Severe weatherSevere weather<div class="ExternalClass65E09E5D776444C98360E03FC6B51543"><p>​Natures gift is not always pleasant and often surprises people with its effects. Heat, cold and wind can affect individuals, wider communities and the services we access daily. </p> <p><br><strong>Watch our Video</strong>: <a href="">Are you ready?</a><br></p></div>

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Planning for Emergencies booklet.pdf4577809pdf
YOUR HOUSEHOLD EMERGENCY PLAN emergency plan template.pdf52999pdf
HOW TO COPE EMOTIONALLY to cope emotionally.pdf25683pdf
INVOLVE YOUR FAMILY OR HOUSEHOLD your family or household.pdf19932pdf
Preparing a Home Emergency Kit a Home Emergency Kit.pdf337812pdf
Kids - preparing an Emergency Kit - Preparing an Emergency Kit.pdf532963pdf
Advice for Pet Owners in an Emergency for Pet Owners in an Emergency.pdf179714pdf
Leeds City Centre Evac Zones city centre evac. map A3.pdf2415164pdf
Waterloo lake DL leaflet.indd Waterloo Lake DL leaflet PRINT.pdf4129039pdf
Yeadon Tarn- Advice for Local Residents Yeadon Tarn DL leaflet PRINT.pdf4429702pdf
Emergency Planning Information Brochure A5 20pp booklet V4 WEB P.pdf2904642pdf
Sandbag Policy Policy 2012.pdf50583pdf

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