Political make up

How our elections work, the political composition of the council, and find out about elected representatives in the Leeds area.

Current political make-up of Leeds City Council
Liberal Democrats6
Morley Borough Independents5
Garforth and Swillington Independents3


A Councillor is an elected representative who works at a local level primarily focussed on local issues. The leeds electoral area consists of 33 wards. In Leeds each ward is represented by three Councillors, each of whom can be contacted about local issues.

In Leeds Councillors serve a four year term and are elected in a staggered fashion, this means there is a local election each year for three consecutive years, then there is a year without an election called a fallow year.

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Members of Parliament

Members of Parliament, generally called MPs, are your representative at Parliament where national level political issues are decided. In Leeds there are eight constituencies, each with a single MP representing them. Three of the constituencies are held by the Conservative party, five are held by the Labour party.

All MPs, nation wide, are elected at a general election. The election is usually held every five years, but there are special circumstances when a general election can be triggered before this time has elapsed.

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Members of the European Parliament

Until we officially leave the European Union we will be represented in the European Parliament by our MEPs. Leeds is part of the Yorkshire and Humber region, which is represented by six MEPs, two of which are from the Conservative party, two from the Labour party, and two from the UK Independance Party.

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