Leeds City Council election

A local election will be held on 2 May 2019.

The Notice of Election (PDF, 69KB) is now available.

To find out who can vote in local elections, please visit the electoral commission website.

View the political composition of Leeds City Council

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How local elections work in Leeds

Each ward is represented by three councillors who are each elected to serve a four year term. Their terms are staggered so that we only select one councillor in each local election. This system is called voting by thirds because a third of councillors are elected each year, over a four year cycle. Due to this, once every four years, there are no local elections. This is called a fallow year. The next fallow year in Leeds is 2021.

Last year we elected three councillors in each ward. This is because the ward boundaries had been independently reviewed to reflect changes in population and ensure each ward contains a similar amount of electors. It is likely there won’t be another ward boundary review in Leeds for around 15 years.

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