EU parliamentary elections

There will be an EU parliamentary election held on 23 May 2019

Postal voting

The deadline to apply for a postal vote in time for the EU parliamentary election is 5pm on Wednesday 8 May

Apply for a postal vote

When your postal vote ballot pack is posted will be determined by when you applied:

Application receivedPosting date
Before 15 April8 May
16 April to 8 May13 May

Overseas voters

An approximate timescale for postage is 3-5 working days within Europe and 5-7 working days for deliveries outside Europe. 

You must return your postal vote so it arrives by 23 May.

If you haven’t already registered for an overseas postal vote then we recommend you nominate a proxy to vote on your behalf. This is because of the short time between the election being announced and polling day. To act as your proxy, you will need to nominate someone who currently resides in the UK and is already registered to vote themselves. The deadline to nominate a proxy is 5pm Wednesday 15 May.

If you already have an overseas postal vote but would like to nominate a proxy, they will need to be registered to vote in the UK. You must let us know before 5pm Wednesday 8 May as this is the deadline for amendments to existing postal votes. Please cancel your postal vote before using the form to apply for a proxy vote.

Cancel your postal vote

EU nationals

EU nationals have the option to vote either in their home country or here in the UK. To vote in the UK you must first be registered to vote. All EU nationals registered before 1 April 2019 will receive a form through the post.

EU nationals who have not yet registered but want to vote in the UK EU parliamentary election, please register at external link.

When you're registered please download, print and complete the form: