Scrutiny Boards at Leeds

Scrutiny Boards provide challenge and support to decision makers. The boards are made up of elected councillors, and on some Boards, co-optees.

Scrutiny Boards may require the attendance of senior councillors, council staff or NHS staff at their meetings. Whilst Scrutiny Boards do not make decisions, they aim to influence those who do by making public recommendations - based on the evidence they have gathered - about how services can be improved for local residents.

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What are the different Scrutiny Boards?What are the different Scrutiny Boards?<div class="ExternalClass3CEC0DCFF26A41CDA3122CC56C4C3D6D"><p>There are five Scrutiny Boards, each specialising on different subjects.</p><p>Click the name of the Scrutiny Board for more information on its work, including meeting details, agendas, memberships and minutes.<br></p><ul class="list list-bullet"><li> <a href="" rel="external">Adults, Health & Active Lifestyles</a> - Focusing on services for adults and public health services to monitor progress towards improving health, lifestyles and quality of care across the city; and providing oversight of service integration and partnership working within and between health bodies. The Board will also oversee the active lifestyle related functions and activity across the city.</li><li> <a href="" rel="external">Children and Families</a> - focuses on council services affecting the lives of children and families in Leeds, monitoring our progress as a child friendly city</li><li> <a href="" rel="external">Environment, Housing and Communities</a> - examines services that affect the lives of citizens living and working in the council’s neighbourhoods, prioritising environmental sustainability</li><li> <a href="" rel="external">Infrastructure, Investment & Inclusive Growth</a> - focusing on development and infrastructure functions and services to monitor progress in relation to transport and planning, regeneration and housing growth. The Board will also oversee economic growth functions and services to monitor progress towards being a strong and compassionate city, promoting opportunities for access to learning, skills and employment for all</li><li> <a href="" rel="external">Strategy and Resources</a> - scrutinises the council’s central strategic and regulatory functions including elections, licensing and council tax</li></ul><p>While most decisions are reviewed by just one Scrutiny Board, occasionally Boards may come together to look at a decision or policy collectively.</p></div>
How do Scrutiny Boards work?How do Scrutiny Boards work?<div class="ExternalClass9887825C0C864FD49AD65D8EB8B45D27"><p>Scrutiny Boards meet regularly during the year to discuss a range of issues relating to their specialised areas. Public attendance is very much welcomed by the Boards.</p><p>In advance of a formal meeting, Scrutiny Boards may also gather information in other ways to ensure they are fully informed on an issue. For example, through working groups, one-to-one discussions, site visits, community meetings or questionnaires.</p><p>Following a formal inquiry, Scrutiny Boards will often produce a report or statement with recommendations for consideration by council decision makers or external partners.</p> <br></div>
Who sits on the Scrutiny Boards?Who sits on the Scrutiny Boards?<div class="ExternalClass86831FD981F84909AD88B28C06DFD20A"><p>A politically balanced mix of elected councillors form the core membership of the Scrutiny Boards. However, they may also bring in additional ‘co-opted’ members from outside of the council where appropriate or if required by statute.</p><p>The links below provide more information on who currently sits on each Scrutiny Board.</p><ul class="list list-bullet"><li> <a href="" rel="external">Adults, Health and Active Lifestylesp</a></li><li> <a href="" rel="external">Children and Families</a></li><li> <a href="" rel="external">Environment, Housing and Communities</a></li><li> <a href="" rel="external">Infrastructure, Investment and Inclusive Growth</a></li><li> <a href="" rel="external">Strategy and Resources</a></li></ul></div>
What is ‘call-in’?What is ‘call-in’?<div class="ExternalClass1DB3B112ABA3423890BCC6B46793ACC9"><p>Most of the time Scrutiny Boards examine existing policy decisions and how they are being implemented, however, occasionally non-executive councillors can also ‘call-in’ an upcoming decision to Scrutiny before it is implemented.</p><p>This temporarily suspends implementation of the decision for up to seven working days whilst it is publicly reviewed in more detail.</p> <p>A ‘call-in’ request can be made by either:</p><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>Five non-executive councillors from a single political party</li><li>Two non-executive councillors from different political parties</li></ul><p>‘Call-in’ only applies to decisions made within the council. Decisions made by external organisations (such as local NHS bodies) are not subject to ‘call-in’.</p></div>
What can’t Scrutiny Boards look at?What can’t Scrutiny Boards look at?<div class="ExternalClassFF751F1FC8A5408FA7363478B171E819"><p>Some types of decisions cannot be reviewed by Scrutiny Boards.</p><p><strong>Scrutiny Boards won’t review decisions that relate solely to the interests of one individual, company or specific area</strong>. As the role of Scrutiny Boards is focused on examining wider strategic issues, decisions that relate solely to the interests of one individual, company or specific area should be raised with your local councillor or Community Committee.</p> <p><strong>Scrutiny Boards can’t review decisions taken under regulatory arrangements</strong>. For example, Scrutiny Boards can’t examine decisions made by the licensing or plans panels.</p></div>
Can I request an issue to be examined by Scrutiny?Can I request an issue to be examined by Scrutiny?<div class="ExternalClass5B0437B721D849E182C901AE73621F4B"><p>Yes, members of the public and groups outside of the council can request an issue to be examined by scrutiny.</p> <p>If you would like to submit a request, please email <a href=""></a> or write a letter to:<strong> c/o Governance and Scrutiny Support, 1st Floor West, Civic Hall, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 1UR</strong> and include a brief outline of the issues you wish to raise.</p><p>Valid requests will be passed to the relevant Scrutiny Board/s who will decide at their next meeting whether to consider your request. As part of this process you will also be invited to the meeting to speak and answer questions about your request. Relevant Council officers or representatives from other bodies (e.g. local NHS bodies) may also be invited to respond directly to any issues raised.</p></div>
I work for Leeds City Council. How does scrutiny affect me or my colleagues? I work for Leeds City Council. How does scrutiny affect me or my colleagues? <div class="ExternalClass466D93010D2E4EF18D5263FF580F26EF"><p>The role of Scrutiny Boards is to identify ways of improving services. Scrutiny Boards provide council officers with an opportunity to highlight areas in which a service performs well and to suggest changes to improve areas of difficulty.</p> <p>Through constructive dialogue, councillors on the Scrutiny Board can build a more detailed understanding of the way services are provided; and officers can benefit from the experience and ideas of external witnesses and co-opted members.</p><p>Ultimately, this leads to better, more informed policy and service delivery recommendations.</p></div>
What is the separate Tenant Scrutiny Board?What is the separate Tenant Scrutiny Board?<div class="ExternalClassBFABF71836784D1B92B667FEB4B1A80A"><p>The Tenant Scrutiny Board is a separate scrutiny arrangement led by local authority tenant volunteers and not by elected councillors. It was formally established to comply with the Tenant Involvement and Empowerment Standard 2012 that registered providers of social housing must meet.</p><p>The Tenant Scrutiny Board provides a range of opportunities for tenants to influence and be involved in the scrutiny of their landlord’s performance and to make recommendations to their landlord about how performance might be improved.</p> <p>More information on the work of the Tenant Scrutiny Board (including meeting agendas and minutes) can be found on the <a rel="external" href="">Democracy Leeds Tenant Scrutiny page</a>.</p><p>If you would like to submit a request for the consideration of the Tenant Scrutiny Board, then please email <a href=""></a> and include a brief outline of the issues you wish to raise.</p></div>



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