Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Yorkshire and the Humber)

1. The Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Yorkshire and the Humber) – the JHOSC – was initially established (in March 2011) to consider the Safe and Sustainable Review of Children’s Congenital Cardiac Services in England, the associated proposals and respond to the options presented for public consultation. 


 2. The JHOSC submitted a formal response to the options presented for public consultation in October 2011 and a decision on the proposed future model of care and designation of surgical centres in July 2012, the JHOSC referred the decision to the Secretary of State for Health in November 2012. This was subsequently passed to the Independent Reconfiguration Panel (IRP) for consideration and advice.

3. The IRP’s findings and recommendations were set out in its report to the Secretary of State for Health at the end of April 2013. A copy of the IRP’s advice and recommendations can be found on the IRPs website.​


4. On 12 June 2013, an announcement from the Secretary of State for Health accepted the IRP’s report and recommendations in full and called a halt to the Safe and Sustainable Review of Children’s Congenital Cardiac Services in England and asked NHS England – as the new body responsible for commissioning specialised services following the restructuring arrangements across the NHS that came into force from 1 April 2013 – to report how it proposed to proceed by the end of July 2013.

5. NHS England’s response to the Secretary of State for Health, which included a report presented to the NHS England Board on 18 July 2013.  You can follow the progress of the new congenital heart disease review on NHS England’s following dedicated webpage:


6. In September 2013, the JHOSC considered the IRPs recommendations, along with NHS England’s proposals for a new congenital heart disease review covering the lifetime pathway of services (i.e. covering services to children and adults).

7. In December 2013, the JHOSC agreed revised terms of reference in relation to NHS England’s new congenital heart disease review.

8. The membership for the JHOSC is made up of a single representative from each of the following 15 top-tier local authorities (i.e. those with specific health scrutiny powers) across Yorkshire and the Humber:

•Barnsley MBC                                                 •Leeds City Council
•Bradford MDC                                                  •North East Lincolnshire Council
•Calderdale Council                                           •North Lincolnshire Council
•City of York Council                                         •North Yorkshire County Council
•Doncaster MBC                                               •Rotherham MBC
•East Riding of Yorkshire Council                       •Sheffield City Council
•Hull City Council                                              •Wakefield MDC
•Kirklees Council  

You can access the agendas, reports and minutes from meetings of the Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Yorkshire and the Humber) by clicking here





Steering Group Terms & Reference CHECK DATE Steering Group ToR and Members.pdf88596pdf
Steering Group 1 Agenda & Minutes Steering Group 1 Agenda and Minutes.pdf186343pdf
JCPCT 1 Minutes 07-07-10 JCPCT 1 minutes.pdf625354pdf
JCPCT 1 Report 1 07-07-10 JCPCT 1 reports 1.pdf4685178pdf
JCPCT 1 reports 2 07-07-2010 JCPCT 1 reports 2.pdf292165pdf
JCPCT 1 reports 3 07-07-2010 JCPCT 1 reports 3.pdf644325pdf
JCPCT 2 minutes 28-07-2010 JCPCT 2 minutes.pdf1442913pdf
JCPCT 2 reports 1 28-07-2010 JCPCT 2 reports 1.pdf1002441pdf
JCPCT 2 reports 2 28-07-2010 JCPCT 2 reports 2.pdf3239710pdf
JCPCT 3 minutes 01-09-2010 JCPCT 3 minutes.pdf1149475pdf
JCPCT 9 minutes 25-10-2011 JCPCT 9 minutes.pdf2685023pdf
JCPCT 9 reports 3 25-10-2011 JCPCT 9 reports 3.pdf3221414pdf
JCPCT 3 reports 01-09-2010 JCPCT 3 reports.pdf1265407pdf
JCPCT 4 minutes 28-09-2010 JCPCT 4 minutes.pdf1413905pdf
JCPCT 4 reports 28-09-2010 JCPCT 4 reports.pdf1295864pdf
JCPCT 5 minutes 11-01-2011 JCPCT 5 minutes.pdf1953268pdf
JCPCT 5 reports 1 11-01-2011 JCPCT 5 reports 1.pdf3610707pdf
JCPCT 5 reports 2 11-01-2011 JCPCT 5 reports 2.pdf5273885pdf
JCPCT 5 reports 3 11-01-2011 JCPCT 5 reports 3.pdf283700pdf
JCPCT 6 Meeting Public Agenda 16-02-2011 JCPCT 6 Meeting in Public Agenda.pdf103038pdf
JCPCT 6 Meeting Public Media note JCPCT 6 Meeting in Public Media note.pdf92738pdf
JCPCT 6 Meeting in Public Minutes JCPCT 6 Meeting in Public Minutes.pdf261209pdf
JCPCT 6 Public Presentation Shortlisting JCPCT 6 Meeting in Public Presentation Shortlisting.pdf343151pdf
JCPCT 7 minutes 30-06-2011 JCPCT 7 minutes.pdf661697pdf
JCPCT 7 reports 30-06-2011 JCPCT 7 reports.pdf4574172pdf
JCPCT 8 minutes 27-07-2011 JCPCT 8 minutes.pdf901606pdf
Steering Group 10 Agenda & Minutes Group 10 Agenda and Minutes.pdf326679pdf
Steering Group 11 Agenda & Minutes Group 11 Agenda and Minutes.pdf339482pdf
Steering Group 12 Agenda & Minutes Group 12 Agenda and Minutes.pdf344166pdf
Steering Group 2 Agenda & Minutes Group 2 Agenda and Minutes.pdf432048pdf
Steering Group 3 Agenda & Minutes Group 3 Agenda and Minutes.pdf388954pdf
Steering Group 4 Agenda & Minutes Group 4 Agenda and Minutes.pdf421167pdf
Steering Group 5 Agenda & Minutes Group 5 Agenda and Minutes.pdf317060pdf
Steering Group 6 Agenda & Minutes Group 6 Agenda and Minutes.pdf410918pdf
Steering Group 7 Agenda & Minutes Group 7 Agenda and Minutes.pdf284108pdf
Steering Group 8 Agenda & Minutes Group 8 Agenda and Minutes.pdf384713pdf
Steering Group 9 Agenda & Minutes Group 9 Agenda and Minutes.pdf258409pdf

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